“When you suddenly become aware that you’re going to take a journey to planet earth, everything is aligned for you. Do you actually make that decision?”

Yes, you do.

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When someone dies, what actually takes place?

You place layers and layers of potentials upon your path as you walk through your life.

Besides the many personal contracts made with other people, you also make contracts related to the incarnation itself.

As a sensitive being from Home entering the harsh world of humanity, you make contracts to leave the game at several points.

The veil is also where your higher self resides while you are on earth.

You divide into 11 different expressions, leaving the 12th one – your higher self- behind in the veil.

The connection to your own spirituality is through your higher self.

The spirit says, “Okay, I’ve got all my instructions. I’ve got all my contracts, and all my backup plans are made. It’s time to start jumping into these multiple layers of experience.”

That’s what it feels like to the spirit; you jump in to experience the incarnation.”