Meeting Your Esayoto Guides

August 18 & 19

If you were thinking about a big trip to somewhere unfamiliar, wouldn’t it be a huge relief if you had a trusted guide or two to help you navigate your way?

Especially if that new place was a higher vibrational state of existence–one that we can ascend into as our next state of being?

Sure, you would.

Not that the Esayoto is completely unfamiliar, of course. We can access it right now, but only for short periods. Eventually we can live there, using more of our spirit and less of our physical body. (Yes, many things are different on the Esayoto; it even has its own set of physics).

Sounds like it’s time for some good guides to help us through our move into this higher state of being…just as we planned before we were born, when we sat around the big table and made contracts in case something like the Esayoto did open up.

Now, in this two-day event, the group will lead you through connecting with your higher Guides of the Esayoto.

Are you ready to meet your guides, to get ready for good things ahead?

Presented LIVE online.

Each event is between 60-75 minutes in length. Immediate replays for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.

Immediate replays for 90 days.