Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution 2021 Edition

“We will not tell you anything that you do not already know. We are here only to help you re-member your own higher truth.” –The Group

It’s a new monthly service featuring weekly updates of what’s happening right NOW, plus the latest tools for healing and ways you can help create the kind of world you want to live in.

We’ve been promising you some big changes at Espavo and here they are at last: help, guidance and teachings to help you feel empowered as a human instead of overwhelmed by everything going on around you.

And what if the more of that guidance you signed up for, the less you paid?

Welcome to the Espavo Empowerment Stream.

The true experience of All That Is expressed as a human. Live it.

November 18, 19 & 23 | Veil Matrix

God becomes Man. Man becomes God. he Veil Matrix is where we divide from one spirit into the multidimensional human that has many experiences on earth. It’s where the higher self resides while we play at being humans. Learn more

Channeling the Master Healers

Higher forms of healing are emerging now, to assist with all sorts of healing and the evolution of mankind. In this inaugural event the group will focus on tying into a new energy flow from the other side of the veil. Learn more

The Observer offers a special message for humanity

In this singular event, the group will bring us up to date with an overview of humanity and our evolving role as Lightworkers in a rapidly changing world. Learn more

Update on Planet Earth: What happens when we reach critical mass of 8 billion?

The group’s earlier predictions about Planet Earth are playing out rapidly. Learn more

GlobalLight (FREE)

Online Event • The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place, click here.

Atlantis rising was a fascinating seminar for me. I absolutely resonated with the crystals, being a healer myself and surrounded by crystals, I could feel the energy of the Atlantean crystals and even see them melting. During the last couple of weeks I felt the air being different, there was another flavour added to, now I understand…. Atlantis was a timeline crossing with a permanent  imprint I suppose on our ever evolving DNA/RNA. — codes, for we are living codes. Resume:: Atlantis rising was an eye opener. Now awaiting the next seminar::: from surviving to thriving- new codes, source codes and their respective activations.Amazing what is ahead. Thank you for always transmitting such  advanced information. Much love and light to Steve, Barbara, the group and their incredible team. • Dagmar  

Beacons of Light November 2021

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

We tell you that you’re in an incredible time on planet Earth. You’ve heard that from us many times.

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