Crossing the Veil: What happens when you die?

This book follows the spirits path through the two most difficult transitions in each life, birth and death. 

Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution 2021 Edition

“We will not tell you anything that you do not already know. We are here only to help you re-member your own higher truth.” –The Group

It’s a new monthly service featuring weekly updates of what’s happening right NOW, plus the latest tools for healing and ways you can help create the kind of world you want to live in.

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The Role of Empaths in Human Evolution

July 14 & 15

• Online Event
Are you an empath? If you’re reading this, the answer is almost certainly: YES. How might empaths affect and even benefit the emotional levels of humanity in the days directly ahead?

The true experience of All That Is expressed as a human. Live it.

July 22, 26 & 28 – The Light Challenge

As a conscious creator, you want to have the best instruments possible in your spiritual toolbox, right? Learn more

July 14 & 15 | The Role of Empaths in Human Evolution

Are you an empath? If you’re reading this, the answer is almost certainly: YES. How might empaths affect and even benefit the emotional levels of humanity in the days directly ahead? Learn more

Overlighting 101

Τhe process of spirit holding a light over someone’s shoulder so they may see their own path more clearly. It’s what spirit does with us all the time (even if we didn’t know what it was called). Learn more

Future Human

Who and what might we become in the next 100 years? What a concept. We may have an inkling of how we got to where we are, here on planet Earth in the year 2022… but how amazing would it be to have a better handle on where we’re going? Learn more

GlobalLight (FREE)

Online Event • The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place, click here.

Dear Steve, Barbara and the Group, LM2019 is my first Light Master year, and it has been a wonderful year for me to participate. I like the activations that we receive, as well as scattershot and breathing exercises. I especially  enjoy the personal style that Steve is sending across, my experience is that Steve as speaking directly to me, I can look into his eyes and connect with the group, and he/the group look into my eyes. This very personal style suits me very well, and is unique. It makes LM a very personal experience for me, which I appreciate. I will recommend participating in the LM program very much. Thank you for a LM 2019 year that has been an important experience for growth in my life. I look forward to more in LM2020. • Nina for Lightmaster

Beacons of Light June 2022

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you with such pride this day, for you are moving at an incredible pace. Yes, we can see the challenges that it causes when humanity starts evolving at this extremely rapid pace. [read more]