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Steve & Barbara Rother and The group are five time presenters at the United Nations on two continents.

Stories and the Channels presented at the United Nations.

We are proud to say that we have presented the material from the group five times at the United Nations. We offer you here the articles and messages from the group that were presented at the United Nations. The part of the UN that hosted these talks were two separate and different organizations with the same purpose. One is in Vienna, Austria and the other at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The interesting part is that neither of these charters knew the other one existed until we told them.

In Vienna, it was the Esoteric Society who is made up of employees of the United Nations Vienna International Community. This is a home for the United Nations, UNIDO Untied Nations Industrial Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency, UNOV, and UCBDO. (The United Nations is into acronyms.) The New York Headquarters organization is the Enlightenment Society, previously and since known as the SEAT. Society for Enlightenment and Transformation. Both of these organizations are charters under the UNSRC United Nations Staff Re-creation Council. They are open to employees of the United Nations and we found we had in attendance delegates, department and program heads, secretaries to engineers and scientists from the Atomic Energy Agency. It was quite a diverse crowd.

Underneath you can find the messages and articles presented.


Steve and Barbara Rother

Stories and the Channels presented at the United Nations

Article: “The group goes to the UN” – Vienna, Austria, May 1999

Channel # 1 – The Universal Energy – Vienna, Austria, May 1999

Article: Teaching a class on Channeling at the United Nations

Channel # 2 – The Government of MU – Vienna, Austria, April 2000

Channel # 3 – Triology, The Others of E Vibration – New York , March 2001

Channel # 4 – Responsibility, The Balance to Power – Vienna, Austria, May 2001

Channel # 5 – The Six Precepts, New York – March 2002



  1. I have been enlightened for five years now and fully understand the challenges we face transforming an ignorant society into an enlightened one. I have written books and even tried being a pastor to try to enlighten others to no avail. As discouraging as it gets I still have faith that we will get there and hope is very much alive knowing others like myself have been doing it longer and learning of this agency brings me joy that our messages are being heard by world leaders that may receive them to impact the world for the greatest good for humanity. I offer my most sincere gratitude for all you’ve done and will do, and my prayers are with you, peace be with us all