We’ve been dreaming, now it’s time to act.

The time has come, dear ones, for all Dreamers everywhere to wake the nation, the world, and everyone we care about.  It’s time to step up and achieve mastery of our present circumstances so that we don’t carry any unwanted baggage into our next experience.  It’s time to help create the kind of world we all want to live in–individually, and together. For the past twenty-plus years, it has been the privilege, joy, and responsibility for Steve and Barbara Rother to work with spiritual advisers known as “the group” to help humans awaken and step into the life they intended when they came to planet Earth.  Steve and Barbara have spent decades bringing “the group’s” message of hope, harmony, and empowerment all over the world, from the United Nations on two continents and everywhere from Russia to Turkey to The Netherlands, and beyond.

If this work has touched your life and you would like to put something back, here is how you can help. At this critically important point in human evolution,  those who dream of a new world are being asked to support this work in a new way, to help expand the tent, broaden the circle, and bring this important information to as many people as possible. “Wait until you see what’s coming,” the group keeps saying.  Well, how about if you help us create it–and spread the word? Television is expensive to produce, wherever it appears.  As you know, there are no commercials on ESPAVOtv, so your help makes it happen!  Here’s where 100% of your funding goes, and how we thank you in return for your 100% tax-deductible support.

Gail Harris
Producer ESPAVOtv

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