Entering Esayoto

May 21, 28 & 29
11:00am Pacific Time

Entering Esayoto

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During recent communications between Steve and the group, a conversation developed about what the next level of beneficial tools and training would be for humanity. It has become clear now, that “the game” of free choice on planet earth has dramatically changed, and therefore, the strategy of how to “play the game” must also change.


Now Enters Esayoto

What is “Esayoto?” Directly from the group’s explanation to Steve; Esayoto is a space within the Inner World Sanctum, where aware humans can go for many, many, reasons. It is an inter-dimensional place, for healing, for connection, for rejuvenation and for receiving a higher level of Light and Spirit Skills, while outside of the “Earth Matrix.”

In this realm, the rules of density do not apply. In this realm, your creation abilities are heightened, your energy restored, your mind cleared, your body rejuvenated and most importantly, your sense of hope and joy are restored.

The first day will give us the overview of where we are as an evolving species, what is currently occurring on our planet, and how it ties in with the lager picture of our evolution.

We will identify the layer of anger and frustration pervading our planet at this time. We will explain how to work with it and give the opening imprints, designed to rebalance and recharge you, at the close of the day.

Day 2 – The group will lead you through the many possibilities of how you can build your own area of rejuvenation as well as building common areas where we can connect energetically. This will include two imprints, the final one ending with leaving you on the Esayoto for as long as you choose. This is a safe opportunity to allow yourself added time for healing, rejuvenation, clearing and power.

Day 3 – The group wants to spend this day creating space for community to gather and explain how incredibly fulfilling this feels in the Esayoto level. Most of the struggles for empaths and Lightworkers are the feelings of separation and disconnection from their mission, from Light and from Home. This training will allow you to fully become the bridge between Home and Earth, outside the density on Earth that causes so much of your pain and frustration. The group will slowly and effectively train you where and how to access the higher realm of Esayoto, and what practical tools you can learn to use this every time you feel it’s necessary for yourself.  They will discuss what roles you can choose to play with so many possibilities ahead, many you have not yet conceived of. There will be three powerful imprints on day three, and again, completing the final imprint leaving you safely on the Esyaoto for any additional time you need to integrate and expand.

Note: This is all brand new material, so the attendees will be experiencing it together for the first time with Steve and Barbara, as the group opens the door and delivers us to Esayoto.


  1. I am interested to participate. I am unavailable at 11 PT. Can I listen at a later time?

    I was unable to sign up for the Lightworker course as I am not very tech savvy.

    Char Casserley
    775-303-5795 HST

    • Hello,

      Recordings are provided for all online events. You can watch the classes at any time you want since there is no expiration date. If you need any help regarding the registration process, please feel free to contact me.

      With light and love,

      Nick Pnevmatikos

      Webmaster & Translation Manager
      Paths2Empowerment.com / Espavo.org

  2. Greetings; After all of these years of following your pathway, and at times leaving to just be me, this is now too much for a senior to want to do..I am sad in a way, yet I know you feel you are following the right journey, so I bow to this…I’m from the older teachings, of simple, no charging, no fancy, just simple words as you had done for many years. I have forward all of your information to a Great Niece, who is following our families pathways from as long as the written history has been…I have shared with her to do or not as she so feels what is right for her…I will jump in from time to time and always so thankful when I came across your book, then finally got a computer…My heart to yours and I know we are connected beyond this world.