Espavo App the Espavo App for your Android or iPhone

We have gathered the best from in this app for your smart phone. Apple has changed the way it does business with apps and we are unable to get it into the iStore at this time. In the mean time you can install it on your iPhone by using the link below.

For Android you can download the app in the Google Play Store.  Search for ESPAVO and look for the Human Angel logo.

For Apple iPhones start Safari and download the app from this address:



  1. Hi Meg, Steve and Barbara,
    Big hugs!!
    I’m unable to find the ESPAVO App in the Google Play store.
    I want to install it on my new phone.
    I figure, you guys, can tell me where to go…
    Russell Perler

    • Hi Russell – it’s Cathy.
      I just wanted to let you know we got this message and are looking in to it. We’re not sure yet why it isn’t showing up – but we will let you know when we find out.
      Thank you so much!