Facilitating the Light

Facilitating the Light

As I began to channel and move into this work, I asked the group for information about how I could be successful at this work and they responded. They did not give rules because they honor our free choice above all else, instead, they offered common sense suggestions on how I could avoid the pitfalls of people in this line of work. The group’s message is always one of empowerment. They say that the joke is on us, and that when we are all said and done we will pull away the veils and find we have all been channeling the same entity. They say that there is really only one truth and that we are all different “flavors” of that truth.

We have based the work at Espavo on the premise that the more places we make for the Light to shine, the more Light there will be for all of us. In that intention I am pleased to share with you the suggestions that the group offered me for being successful in the work of bringing Light to the planet. I offer it here to the many facilitators for your own discernment and empowerment. May it help you effectively present your own flavor of the truth.

In the beginning of this work I was doing a three-hour seminar called the Sword of Truth. For this they offered only three suggestions:

The group
Greetings from Home

We have asked you to carry a message. In human form it is necessary for that message to flow through your brain. The true message we convey to you is one of the heart, and therein lies the potential for misdirection. We give you these simple suggestions as a guideline to successfully facilitating from the heart.

Definition of a Healer:

“One who creates space for other people to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves.”

On the New Planet Earth it is appropriate to reach for a higher truth to support higher realities. These 12 paradigms for facilitators are offered as suggestions to begin to define higher truths for healers.

1. Healing in the higher vibrations of the New Earth can only take place with each one holding their power. Your first concern is to find ways to facilitate others without taking their power from them. Make this your first intent.

2. All facilitation must be by request. In the New Earth it is no longer possible to facilitate another without their specific request.

3. In the New Earth it is only possible to facilitate another with highest intent. Please re-member that on the New Planet Earth… there will be no more secrets. As facilitators, allow yourself and your motivations to be seen freely.

4. As healers you must understand that illness is not always a sign of something wrong. There are times when Illness facilitates change and your role is one of facilitating that process. See also that illness is only one state of health. Work with all states to create environments where health prevails.

5. As a facilitator it is important to always speak your truth, yet, in doing so, know that truth is always a work in progress. Leave yourself room for growth in the words you speak. Speak your truth in a fashion that allows others to stand in their own truth without being threatened by yours. Honor all flavors of the truth, no matter how different they may seem from your own. Competition is only an illusion of polarity on the Gameboard.

6. As facilitators it will be necessary to check your ego often and examine truthfully your own motivations for your actions or words. A balanced ego is needed to facilitate healing. If your ego grows too big, it will cut you from your source. Yet, if it is not big enough you will never take your place as a healer. Balance is the key.

7. Practice the art of discernment in making choices without judgment. Choose carefully what enters your field, choosing only those things and ideas that complement your own vibration. Release everything else without judgment. You do not have to be a part of everything. Choose only what feeds you.

8. The wisest words that a facilitator can use are: “I do not know.”

9. Know that your true strength as a healer lies in being able to be vulnerable. It is your humanness that makes you special. Let that shine through in all you do.. Share mistakes openly with others and your perceived weaknesses will soon become your greatest strengths.

10. Re-member that you do not have control over the thoughts that enter your head, you do however, have complete control over what stays there. Take responsibility for becoming a master of your own thoughts and share that process with your clients.

11. Understand that everyone has the same base motivation. We see you much like children in a dark room all searching for the door back into the light. We re-mind you that the easiest way to find the Light while not hurting one another is to hold hands.

12. Know that it is not possible to heal another on the Gameboard. It is only possible to create and offer them space to heal themselves, if they so choose. Do not take responsibility for the healing of anyone other than yourself. Re-member that responsibility is the balance of power. Help those you facilitate to hold responsibility so that they may hold their true power.
Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

The group

It is my deepest honor to be here at this great time in the history of our planet.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges,

Steve Rother


  1. Gracias Steve,Que bueno que volvi a encontrarte.Estuve perdida.Pero este tiempo me a vuelto al cause,mi camino se abre nuevamente.La vida me puso en el lugar indicado para atravesar esta etapa.Vuelvo a seguirte,a leerte,a escucharte.
    Nunca olvide el taller que diste en Buenos Aires.Participe de el.
    Con todo mi cariño hasta pronto