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This page is used for Global challenges that may arise from time to time. There is no schedule as Global Events dictate the timing. If you are on the GlobalLight reminder list you will receive notification of these events via email. Here the group will give us their perspective of events, a live channel and bringing together the Family of E and all Lightworkers everywhere to step into action. We consistently work with the Earth in the LightMaster group each week but there are events happening now that need all of our attention.

The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. If you are unable to attend live events, watch when you can, it will still have the effect.

These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place.

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November 10, 2020

With the second wave of rising cases of covid-19, the group wants us to continue to work to harmonize with the virus. We will also work together to help calm the surface anger levels of humanity on the Earth. At the guidance of the group, we will work with our intent for a calm, sensible world moving forward together.

Presented on October 14 2020

During this global light we will focus our collective healing on the following items:

    • Covid-19 has begun its second wave. We will work together to top this wave out early and tamp down the effects across the globe.

    • The number of people crossing the veil has increased greatly. We will assist the heroes who are crossing over, helping them to find their way home.

    • Finally, we will work to send a calming wave of energy to the planet and all of her inhabitants to assist in many ways that will be discussed in the event.

Presented on September 30, 2020

Together with the guidance of the group, we will focus on Healing the Human Heart. We will create a calming wave of energy to assist humanity to shift out of being in strong reaction mode.

We will also work with the Earth, as she absorbs much of the tension being expressed by humans, and her body responds to us, we will tend to and assist her energy as well.


Sept 2, 2020
This event will be aimed at building energy together to slow down global warming in general and work on “Hurricane Alley” in the United States, to cool it down.

We also have a cosmic event ahead that the group says we are able to push at this time. We will do that by strengthening the energetic shell around the earth. More on that from the group.

We will also send energy to all people of earth as we go through this major transition. It is time to help others and extend a hand to all the inhabitants of earth.

July 22, 2020
Once again we will go live in real time at the request of the group. Together we will focus on assisting many who are stepping out of their physical bodies at this time. In addition we will work to calm the growing second wave of the virus coming over the next few months. The group also wants to work with everyone in attendance through activations to move you into higher vibrational status. (Much more on that in our upcoming Atlantis Rising event.)


July 1 2020
Together with the group, we will open a space to work with a very large number of souls stepping out of their bodies over the next few weeks globally. We will create an open path for many to find their way home more easily. We will also work with the covid-19 virus to begin a mutation process that can make it harmless to humans.


June 5 2020
In this GlobalLight we will focus our collective energy on the Hurricane Season that lies ahead and also on the Second Wave of the Virus.

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May 8th

The group has a trifold focus:

  • Covid-19 They will bring everyone up to date and start to work on the second wave of the virus, due this fall.

  • The group says there is a massive wave of anger about to hit. They will explain the process and we will all work together to quell and release it safely.

  • The group also wants to send light to the animal kingdom (pets) as they are absorbing much of the energy right now and many will catch this virus as a result. Together we can soften that a lot.

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April 18th

We will gather together at a critical time to focus our collective healing energy to harmonize this virus that has taken over our lives globally. This date was selected by the group back in September 2019 and is a residual wave from the November 23rd Timeline Cross. The timing is perfect for gathering our energy together to harmonize the Covid-19 virus before it can resurge. We will also work with the 2 viruses that are right behind this one.

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March 4th, 2020

GlobalLight: Covid-19: Coronavirus – Live channel from the group about the Coronavirus and a guide through the best ways we can harmonize with it.

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January 7, 2020

GlobalLight: Australia Fires – Join Steve and the group & add your energy and intentions for the fires in Australia.