Welcome to GlobalLight

From the very beginning of their work together, the group has been very clear in their instruction to Steve that a significant amount of their illuminating, timely  information needed be available to anyone anywhere, completely free of charge. 

For many years–more than 25, in fact–the main vehicle for this was the monthly Virtual Light Broadcast.

After celebrating that landmark anniversary last spring, the work is now evolving, with weekly offerings on the Espavo Empowerment Stream, as timely and urgent as ever.

But there’s still a need for the monthly Global Light, which will continue with two free channels from Steve and the group, plus a look  at the month ahead with world-renowned astrologer Alison Chester Lambert, and thought-provoking insights from Clinical Hypnotherapist Meg Adamson.

Global Light also offers opportunities to link up with other like-minded seekers, as we send our own light into and around the world to help heal the many challenges facing the planet and all of humanity. 

Our work–your work–is needed. We invite you to join us each month to add your spirit to that of tens of thousands of lightworkers everywhere.

The announcement and reminders of Global Light dates will be sent as an email.  If you are unable to join the event live, watch whenever you can.  Your good work will have the same effect.

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How many lightworkers does it take to change the world?  All of us.  

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Events begin at 11:00am The current US Pacific Time is:

We  send out notifications 48 hours before. Make sure you’re on the LightList above.

Our Next Event will be January 18 at 11am Pacific Time.

This month on Global Light we will invite anyone who wishes healing to be sent their way to enter into the healing circle. We will also send healing to our planet as she undergoes further vibrational pattern changes.

We will also hear a very special message from the group about something starting very soon. All they have said to Steve so far is that the Family of E is being called back together again, during the upcoming times of change.

Download Alison’s Astrological Report in Spanish (doc) here >


December 15, 2021.

This month we come together to work on the escalating aggression between Russia and the Ukraine.  We also work on Self-healing and building our own internal immunities as the Virus increases in the short term. In addition, we work on listening to the Master healers and sharpening our channeling skills as we create a special healing circle for the New Year. 

December 8th, 2021.

We are offering a short special event for the group to bring us up to date on the Omicron variant and the course of the virus in general.

Download translation in Spanish (doc) here >


November 17, 2021.

The group will speak about the solar cycle that is becoming very active now and how this will affect humans in a very positive way! (About time right?) Also included will be our signature group healing circle with focus on the rainforests and coral reefs of the world as well as two live channels from the group.

Download Alison’s Astrological Report in Spanish (doc) here >


October 13, 2021

We will spend time together with the Family of E re-energizing and preparing ourselves for the road ahead. Our healing circle will focus some special attention on depression and mental illness and the final channel from the group will focus on how to channel anger and learn to self-balance. In addition, get the latest astrology report from world renown astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert plus a fascinating segment on what inflammation is doing to your brain from our own Event Manager and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meg Adamson.

Download Alison’s Astrological Report in Spanish (doc) here >


September 23 2021

In this month’s Global Light Broadcast we will join together to actively begin to heal man’s inhumanity to man. We will also focus our energies on Mother Earth and her current “hot spots” including the recent eruption of La Palma (which the group spoke about several years ago as a sign on the path to watch for.)


August 26 2021

New format for the GlobalLight begins today.

Download Alison’s Astrological Report in Spanish (doc) here >separatorJuly 13,2021

This month the group will share new information about an asteroid that is currently very far away that they want us to start working with now.  In addition to our monthly healing circle, we will also focus Light on India, where the group says another covid variant is developing right now. They will lead us through an exercise to assist those who are currently ill, as well as help to neutralize the spread and mutation process.

The group will also speak about Home reaching a critical mass and a very special group of beings on the other side of the Veil we are calling “Fully Integrated Master Healers” that wish to begin working with us. We will go into a lot more detail on this in our upcoming event Crossing the Veil.


June 8,2021

This month we will open with the global healing network, then shift our focus to work on calming the overall anger on Earth. When we come together globally like this we can have a profound and compounded effect. It’s not always easy as the job is usually quiet and it doesn’t necessarily “appear” effective right away. But, if you were to see what the trajectory would have looked like had the work not been focused on, well, that would make it very clear. Never doubt your ability to serve and to assist.


May 19 , 2021 

We will come together and focus on the crisis in the Middle East as well as Mother Earth. Along with the channel from Steve & the group and the healing focus work, we have two very special reports to air. Espavo Team Member Lynne Bradley comes to us from the heart of Israel, plus a very special Cultural Astrology Report from our resident Astrologer, Alison Chester-Lambert.

Download Global Light in Spanish (Doc) here >


April 7 2021

As we come together as powerful healers, let us take a moment and feed ourselves by setting an intent to be in full abundance in all aspects of our lives. The group will speak about Self-first vs Selfishness and guide us through a collective intentional imprint in the timeline, that makes it easier for you to find the abundance needed to support your work.


March 9 2021

Healing Circle for Lightworkers


February 23, 2021

In the upcoming GlobalLight, we will focus our collective healing light on the following items:

    • Slowing and stopping the advance of the Coronavirus

    • Strengthening the Magnetosphere of Earth to help deflect incoming asteroids.

    • Assist in healing the divisions of the people of Earth.


January 8, 2021

Together with the group at the helm, we will work on assisting souls leaving their bodies in large numbers at this time.  We will also start a blanket of Unity during a powerful time of change. It is a time for healers to unite and the group says we can be very effective right now, if we come together.


November 10, 2020

With the second wave of rising cases of covid-19, the group wants us to continue to work to harmonize with the virus. We will also work together to help calm the surface anger levels of humanity on the Earth. At the guidance of the group, we will work with our intent for a calm, sensible world moving forward together.


Presented on October 14 2020

During this global light we will focus our collective healing on the following items:

    • Covid-19 has begun its second wave. We will work together to top this wave out early and tamp down the effects across the globe.

    • The number of people crossing the veil has increased greatly. We will assist the heroes who are crossing over, helping them to find their way home.

    • Finally, we will work to send a calming wave of energy to the planet and all of her inhabitants to assist in many ways that will be discussed in the event.


Presented on September 30, 2020

Together with the guidance of the group, we will focus on Healing the Human Heart. We will create a calming wave of energy to assist humanity to shift out of being in strong reaction mode.

We will also work with the Earth, as she absorbs much of the tension being expressed by humans, and her body responds to us, we will tend to and assist her energy as well.


Sept 2, 2020
This event will be aimed at building energy together to slow down global warming in general and work on “Hurricane Alley” in the United States, to cool it down.

We also have a cosmic event ahead that the group says we are able to push at this time. We will do that by strengthening the energetic shell around the earth. More on that from the group.

We will also send energy to all people of earth as we go through this major transition. It is time to help others and extend a hand to all the inhabitants of earth.