2 Days of Healing – with the group

2 Days of Healing

2 Days of Healing – with the group

March 20 & 25

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At Espavo we teach several healing modalities for healers to use. During these two days we will give vibrational healing directly from the group. They will explain the procedures they will use but this is an experiential event and not a teaching event. This is for you and will be presented in live channel by the group.

The first day we will focus on Physical healing in all aspects. This will be higher vibrational healing using short activations aimed at harmonizing the cells in your body to work together to achieve a vibrant, healthful state. In that state your body can effectively fight physical illnesses. After the event you will be able to download the activations to reuse.

Day 2 will focus on Emotional and Mental healing. Although all illnesses have an emotional aspect some never land in the cells of the body. The group will work with vibrational healing on several levels to reset the emotional body to its natural state. This will also use several short activations that will be downloadable within four hours of the live event.


    • Hi Raquel,
      Only the activations are downloadable. The entire event will be available for unlimited viewing on the website. If at any point we decide to remove the event, we’ll provide you with 30 days notice.

  1. Good morning,
    gradirei partecipare all’evento 2 Days of Healing – with the group, I attended the Master Healer event in Belgium 2019, I would like to know how I can get $ 10 discount in ordering. Thanks and best regards. Marisa Masutti Italy

    • Hi Marisa,

      That would qualify you for the Overlight Facilitator coupon – family10. You would apply that at checkout after you have added it to your cart and where it says apply coupon.
      The coupons are always found at the bottom of the page that you are registering on. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see Discount Coupon and the correct coupon to enter at checkout. I think it will be a great seminar!