LightMaster 2019

LightMaster 2019 (1900) meets four days each month on Thursday’s at 11:00am Pacific Time. We understand that most of our people cannot watch live so we make sure the recordings are up and ready to watch usually within 30 minutes and the downloads are ready within 3 hours.

LightMaster LM-1900 launch: September 20, 2018. Reserve your spot now.

Welcome to LightMaster LM-1900.

Last year the group removed some of the structure of the LightMaster course to make room for the latest information coming through. It was wonderful and at times a wild ride. Now, as we look back, we can see where they were taking us and why. This next year will have the same freedom for the group to begin with what is important at that moment but will also have a larger focus and intent.

The group has told us that Humanity is at a rapid stage of evolution where we will begin losing the density of our physical bodies and begin living in bodies that can carry more of our spirit or light. These bodies are quite different than the dense bodies we now inhabit. Much of the work we have done in the LightMaster group in previous years has been in preparation for what is coming. Although the group has talked about this for many years now, they have been somewhat vague about the process that we will go through to make these changes. They have said that as we grounded in the 5th dimension that we now live in, we will start to move into bodies that can carry more of our own light and less of the density of Earth. Yet, the detailed explanation of that process has not been given. . . that is, until now.

The group is telling us that there are four steps that humanity will take to reach our next stage of existence. All humans will have the chance to move into these steps but only a small percentage of the planet’s souls will initially take these steps. Normally, they will take an average human about 10 years to evolve into each level, the entire process taking about 40 years. The intent is to get as many who wish to make these steps into the new bodies of light in the next 50 years as the Earth changes continue.

Lightworkers have a huge head start in this area and most of them have come in with an intent to move into these bodies first and hold the door open for others to follow. It is therefore possible for those who call themselves Lightworkers to move through this process much faster.

The first stage is the Morphogenic Body.

The second stage is the Neurogenic Body

The third stage is the Amorphous Body

The final stage is the Bioluminescent Body

LightMaster 2019 (LM-1900) will focus on moving into the Morphogenic Body.  During the yearlong intensive the group will give us a more complete guide of what this first step means and what it will look like. They will lead us in doing the healing work necessary to take this step and will give us work to do every month in our own lives, to begin this process. As the year progresses they will take you into activations and Spirit Seed imprints to help lose the density of the physical body. This next year will require focus and practice, as the weekly online classes will advance as they move through the year. It will be especially important this year that you stay up to date with the weekly classes. As before, they will be broadcast live on most Thursday’s at 11:00am Pacific Time. The classes can be watched in your own time as the recordings are made available instantly after each class. Downloads will not be offered this year, but the recordings will stay up and available for at least a year after the class ends so you can go back at any time and re-watch the classes and the activation/Imprints.

It is time. Hang on. Here we go.

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group

Registration Info:

Annual Fee: $1,195 for 47 LIVE, interactive sessions plus downloads.

Payments are in increments of $100 USD automatically charged every thirty days with a $100 non refundable deposit. A monthly payment option is also available.

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  1. Hi Mr Rother, I have just found you by way of a gift of 2 books,
    I am interested in the year course, but I want to filter it through my discernment first.
    My question is, when does the course begin?
    I also did the quiz and my path was Grace or is Grace.

    • Hello Patricia,

      This is Meg, the Event Manager. Our yearlong course began in Sept of this year. We just closed off registration, until we launch again in September 2019.
      If you are seriously wanting to attend, you can email me directly at and I can open one spot for you. It would mean you would have to catch up to the 12 classes already presented.
      Otherwise, you are welcome to attend some of the new classes each month until next year’s course launches.


  2. Hi Mr Rother, I have just found you by way of a gift of 2 books,
    I am interested in the year course, but I want to filter it through my discernment first.
    My question is, when does the course begin?
    I also did the quiz and my path was Grace or is Grace.