New World – New Body. Activate. Integrate. Elevate.

New World – New Body. Activate. Integrate. Elevate.

November 17, Dec 1 & 2
11:00am Pacific Time

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Look around. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

It’s time to prepare for the next stage of life on planet Earth.

The group says we aren’t going back to life as we’ve known it. They’re ready to show us how to step up. It’s time for us to get ready for the new world that’s ahead.

This event contains three days of channeled activations to prepare ourselves and our physical bodies for the path ahead. The work includes visuals, music, and sounds that trigger sensors deep within our spiritual being that tell us it’s time to walk into the experience of a new world.

These three days activate source codes deep within your being that you placed there if humanity ever reached a specific vibratory level. Now, we have! And we are being given the opportunity to step up, with channeled activations and instructions that haven’t been available before. Each day will have multiple activations.

Day One: Where we are and where we’re going, as we leave the path of our ancestors and create something entirely new. The focus of the channeled activations includes work on personal and collective grief, and explains the challenges of spiritual separation that have made life on earth so difficult for so long.

After Day one there is an intentional, significant pause until the next class, to allow enough time to fully integrate the first activations. This pause will not be necessary with multiple replays once the event is complete.

Day Two: The second class will work to align your physical body to its new role in the new world as it integrates spirit to a much larger degree. This has a natural physical healing effect in many areas as the physical body amplifies heart energy into every cell of your body. During our time together you may assign a new role to your physical body. The activations this day also include higher brain wave patterns to help in clear thought and memory as well as heightened spirit communication. Some activations this day will include flashing lights. We will give ample warning before playing these.

Day Three: Igniting the spirit. Bonding the ignited spirit to the new body prepares us for the road ahead and gives us a peaceful place to expand our spirits. Then the group wishes to simply give us strength for what lies ahead.

Please know that these are new activations, triggering source codes to prepare each of us in the ways we originally intended when we created them. Your gains will be personal to you, as the activations are a general release code for you to use. With greater spiritual confidence and a new relationship with your physical body, the path ahead becomes easier.

The intent of the group is not to create a place to escape earth and its problems. Rather, it is to fill each of us as full of light and spiritual confidence as they can and then send us back into the game, ready and prepared to enlighten it all.


  1. My gratitude for your acceptance of me without monetary payment in the last course is huge. I can only hope that those of us who are unable to pay $149.00 which is AU is much more (half of one weeks pension wage) will be guided by our angels and guides to receive the same benefits. Once again a big thank you for all you have done and I do appreciate it all….I understand that there is a significant cost to the production of your teachings. I wish you every success and joy in life for what you are doing for all of us….This is not an effort to receive the same benefits I simply want to recognise your assistance for something I thoroughly enjoyed and thank you once again….