Photonix – Seeing with New Eyes

Photonix- Seeing with New Eyes

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This brand new series is designed to open you to the next level of consciousness on your path. Photonix activations are specifically time-released by the group, as Lightworkers are able to receive them.

The purpose of these specific three day activations are to move your fear and hesitation out of the way so that you can share what your unique purpose is with others here on planet earth. Just imagine if you began to feel more supported in your dreams and an easier unfolding of your special gifts and talents. Now imagine putting that into the collective, as a collective.

If we come together in these activations, we create a united front moving into 2019, having a two-fold effect. First, you begin to move right through your fears and hesitations, and second, the collective begins to shift from the compounded effect.

How do these activations work?

The Photonix activations work directly with brain rhythms. These are a series of rhythmic patterns designed to strengthen and open new synaptic pathways. This allows for a stronger spiritual contact and connection. In short this allows us to carry much more Light in our physical bodies.

A multitude of vibrations are used and overlaid to activate the brain to align in a higher aspect and use much more of your overall potential. We use many frequencies in light and sound but lean heavily on the 40hz range as the base as it is proving to have success in several areas of healing including memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Depression. The activation is presented with a video with sound background and changing, blinking lights around the edge of the video with a channel from the group over it all.

We will be focusing this first Photonix activation on clearing your path and aligning for the highest outcome in 2019. This overall alignment can be used to clear the cobwebs from your brain, calm the noise and make the highest use of the new attributes of the brain. In essence, you begin to perceive your life and all life in a completely new way.


    • Hi Anne Marie,

      We have many people in Europe that watch our events. If you are able to access our website with your cell phone then you should be able to watch it. If you have a computer to watch it on that might be the best due to the activations in the classes. But you can still watch and receive the benefits on a cell phone. If you don’t already have an account with us, you would first need to set up an account. The next step would be to register for the class itself. Once you have registered you will have access to the class under “access events” in the black menu bar at the top.

      Hope you can join us.

      • Hi Anne Marie,
        It’s Cathy again. If you want to set up an account – please go to: On the left hand side at the top of the page you will see a blue bar that says Login/Register. Click there to set up an account. Once you have set up an account – you can register for the class there and that is where you will go to login and access your class (that’s in the black bar under “access events” that I mentioned above.