Predictions 2018

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Predictions 2018

Join us for three days of live channeled information from the group on what’s ahead for 2018. Many Lightworker’s are in need of some good news right now and the group wants to help nurture the seeds of hope planted deep within us. They tell us that although there will be more changes on Earth there are also some very positive things directly ahead on our horizon. Together we can be prepared and connected and we can work through the collective grid to harmonize and help direct the energies of change.

As we learn more about our ascension path and process, gaining the knowledge from the group of what’s directly ahead of us for 2018 becomes a deeply personal experience, allowing us to feel grounded and powerful, so we can also assist others and do our service work.


    • Recordings are ALWAYS available usually within 15-20 minutes after the live event in the same player that the live event is shown. In case that the event includes downloads, Like Transcendence2 or LightMaster, it can take up to 4 hours after the event to have those available.