Spiritual Family

Re-member Spiritual Family

Re-membering Original Spiritual Family

Time and again the group mentions Original Spiritual Family. To explain this I will take you to the first time that we incarnated here on planet Earth. The Game began as an experiment to see if we could see God through the eyes of each other. There was only one rule that we placed on this Game: “Free Choice in all Matters.”

The first time we played the game and came to the Gameboard of Free Choice, we asked our closest family to join us in the Game. We designed the Game to use Karma as somewhat of a score keeping system to be used only by us. It was due to Karma that made it necessary for us to incarnate together time after time as soul groups. We returned with the same family group at roughly the same time and place to facilitate karma.

Over periods of time one would work off and clear their karma with the group they were with. Then they would blend into another family and create karmic ties with them. This emulates the natural flow of Universal energy which is the energy of blending, according to ‘the group.” Over many incarnations we may have experienced many spiritual families to which we were an integral part.

Now the Game as we know it has come to an end. We are now in the process of scripting a new game on the New Planet Earth. This is the New Energy and time to walk fully in our own true power. The group refers to the “Second Wave of Empowerment” as being an evolution of humanity from the paradigm of follow the leader to a new paradigm of follow yourself.

Many on our planet are having difficulty with this new energy and power. We have seen many times when leaders of nations have sought to bring back the old ways and force their leadership others through global aggression. We can help each other learn to carry and responsibly use the power that is our true heritage without fear or aggression.

In learning to carry this power and step into the New Energy, there are actions that each one can take to assist your own evolution. The first and most powerful is to re-connect with your original spiritual family. These are the beings that re-member who you really are even when you may not. These are the people that you meet for the first time and know them instantly. These are the people that are strangely finding their way into your lives right now. You may meet them at a spiritual gathering or in the hardware store yet no matter where you meet you will connect instantly.

Most of these people will come into your lives and make a big difference in the way you see yourself. By the nature of these contracts, most of these people will come back into your lives for a short time to connect and then be on their way. Since free choice is our only rule here, it is entirely possible to change that and create long term relationships. Still in most cases these people will touch your very soul with the light of home, then move on.

How can you connect with them? Find places to be with people of like vibration. Seminars, websites, and other places to connect. We invite you to start here at the website of Espavo.  You may also find other places to gather and pass them on. Find a meditation group or a church group. Start one if you can’t find one. Make space in your life for original spiritual family to find you, set your intent and watch the magic begin.

Enjoy the Game!

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother and The group