Spirit Seed: Spiral Time Spiral Thought

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Spirit Seed: Spiral Time Spiral Thought

Have you noticed that we suddenly live in a different world? Why are there so many changes in what the collective will tolerate?  Why is the #metoo movement happening now? Why is it that after eons of time that bullies were tolerated as a part of life, suddenly it is no longer tolerated? Why is it that college campuses are no longer supporting the “Animal House” attitude? Why are sororities and fraternities on the decline and why has Hazing suddenly become a thing of the past? Have you noticed that modeling now includes varying body types? Have you noticed a shift in popular music? Does it feel like the façade is being removed from our earlier vision of life? Is it possible that all humans are seeing from a different perspective?

The group says that these collective changes are taking place because we have moved out of linear time and into spiral time. From this new perspective, our collective vision of the past has become critical. What many had buried over with the illusion of time, has suddenly become clear. Finding and mastering these misalignments in the past becomes the work at hand. This is why the collective vision has changed so drastically, instantly the rules have changed and in the time of No More Secrets, clearing many of the misdeeds of the past is suddenly important to everyone.

In this seminar we will explain  how and why humanity is seeing things differently.

In this event the group will take us through the dimensions of time showing the recent shift out of linear time in the 3rd dimension, through the 4thdimension of Circular time, and to now- the 5th dimensional Spiral Time. There are many new attributes of time in spiral time.  This changes more than the experience of time, it also changes the way we think.

It may take the collective many years to start using spiral thought, but it will start to be a natural shift. We are stepping out of linear thought and into spiral thinking. In this series we will give you some exercises on how to use spiral thought. This course will show you how it works and what to expect going forward. You will see a slow adaptation of a new thought pattern and be comfortable in the position of Enlightened Observer.  This is an advanced look at the direction humanity will move into.

At the close of each day the group will present a “Spirit Seed imprint” or a Journey Activation designed to open the spiral nature of your being.


  1. Hello Steve, Barbara and The Group,

    I am very intrigued by this concept of spiral time and am interested in participating but live on the East coast and can only participate on Nov. 9 due to time constraints. Is this an interactive event? Is this event recorded to watch in a replay at a later time? What is the cost?

    Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,
    Mary Wolos