Transcendence Level 2- Rise of the Empath

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Transcendence Level 2 with Merlia– The Rise of the Empath

Watch a sneak peek from the Premium Series below. If you are suffering with feeling the worlds’ pain, you don’t want to miss this training.

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The fourth major energy shift of 2017 has arrived and it is ushering in the Era of the Empath.

In Transcendence Level 1, Merlia guided us through the first three shifts by enhancing the feminine power within all humans. This helped initiate a greater balance of the masculine and feminine energies.

Now she wants to help us through the fourth shift by unleashing the full power of our empathic abilities. Per Merlia, many who work with the Light, whether male or female, are empaths. Some just aren’t aware of it.

Many empaths prefer to stay hidden in the background. But with humanity, the world and our personal lives seeming to careen from one crises to the next, Merlia says it’s now more important than ever for empaths to “shine their Light”.

The Transcendence Level 2 series will lead you on a journey that will teach you to harness your empathic gifts in positive ways for yourself, for others and for the planet.

As she did in Transcendence Level 1, Merlia will be the primary teacher for this series. Elrah, the Keeper of Time, the Scientist and Em will also lend their energies from time to time.

At the conclusion of this series you will be ordained as a Transcended Master of Level 2

This class will introduce the role of empaths and an overview of the series. Merlia will help you understand what it means to be an empath, and the special path that empaths have chosen for this life. She will also explain why it’s so important for empaths to embrace their unique gifts and use them in positive ways.


Day 1 Free Master Class October 27

This class will introduce the role of empaths and an overview of the series. Merlia in live channel, will help you understand what it means to be an empath, and the special path that empaths have chosen for this life. She will also explain why it is so important for empaths to embrace their unique gifts -particularly right now – and use them in positive ways. You have more influence and contribution to the collective than you are aware of.

Days 2 & 3    November 8 & 10
Understanding the Empath

During these two days Merlia will help you discover why your Higher Self chose to incarnate with extreme sensitivities. She will awaken within you the gifts inherent in being an empath, and how to heal with your abilities. Merlia understands the unique challenges you face. She will teach you how ground others’ pain, so that you can help them overcome their problems without taking them on yourself. These sessions will include exercises and homework assignments.

Days 4 & 5   Dec 5 & 12
The Metamorphic Shell

This is a new 5th Dimension tool that is just now coming onto the planet. Merlia will initiate you into what this energy layer is, how important it is to all forms of life, and how to work with it intentionally. This requires finding strength in being vulnerable, so Merlia will empower you to feel comfortable while making yourself more open. She will also give you new techniques to protect yourself while being more open, and exercises for opening and closing the Metamorphic Shell.

Days 6 & 7   Jan 5 & 10
Empathic Channeling

After you’ve had some practice with the Metamorphic Shell, Merlia will teach you to combine it with your super-sensitivities to open another 5th Dimension tool, Empathic Channeling. She will help learn to listen to and trust in your heightened channeling ability, and how to use it to heal yourself and others.

Days 8 & 9   Feb 2 & 7
Using Feminine Grace and Power

During these sessions Merlia will focus on the shifting tides of power between the Masculine and Feminine energies. She will help you understand the differences between the two, and the importance of both – in a more balanced alignment. She will teach you how to use the Feminine Power in the current Masculine world. She will also show you what the world will look like in 10 years once we’ve achieved a greater balance between the two.

Days 10 & 11    March 2 & 7
Setting Healthy Boundaries for the Empath

One of the greatest challenges for empaths is their inability to establish and enforce boundaries. Whether they allow themselves to be taken advantage of, or take on the other person’s problems, empaths struggle with boundaries. Merlia will explain to you the life lessons you chose when deciding to incarnate as an empath. And she will give you techniques to help you deal with Master Manipulators by reassigning their role they play in your life lessons.

Days 12 & 13   April 6 & 11
Living in the 5th Dimension

In these classes Merlia will help you step into your full power as an empath, and to confidently “shine your Light”. She will give you techniques to help you connect with others on a deeper level without feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. The final day will include a special graduation activation and ordination as a Transcended Master of Level 2.


    • Hi Vera

      Yes all the past events are available to you and we only have 5 thus far. You will not be that far behind. In the future you will get better service by asking questions by using the blue support button at the bottom Right corner of each page. Hope to see you in Transcendence2

      Big hugs


    • Hi Colleen,

      Yes, all the classes for Transcendence are recorded and can be accessed approximately 4 hours after the live airing. For this series we are also including the downloads so you can watch or listen anytime you want to. If you register at any point, you have access to all the classes and downloads, and we currently do not have an expiration date on the series.

  1. Hello both of you, what a lovely video on predictions for 2018 and profound words that touched me deeply.
    I would like to show the video on my website to make people aware of your work.
    Can you give me the embedded code for the video please if your happy for me to do so.
    Love Timothy

  2. Thanks Hellen!! I’m going to use this in an upcoming promo- with just your first name. It’s so important to share our experiences and assist others to learn how to transcend anything that is “sticky” for them.
    Thank you so much for sharing, it goes a long way!

  3. Have experienced Day 2 and 3, and my expectations have been exceeded! Awesome, already these tools are helping me. Was on the street today and beginning to feel skittish around the rush hour traffic and people, and was able to transcend! Also huge reduction of hot flashes that come with anxiety and palpitations. Wow! Much gratitude to Merlia and the whole Team at Espavo.