Hello Dear Steve, Barbara and Staff,
Thank you for the opportunity to join you all for the Global Livecast on 4/18/20. Thank you for sponsoring this event for humanity, for Gaia, for “the Rising Heart”. It has been a little bit since I have participated in an event. Many times there are new discoveries and new beauty to behold. So inspiring to see your creativity, blessing us. To see the lovely forest and nature scenes behind you Steve and Barbara is just delightful, a blessing for the senses. Thank you for nurturing us in this beautiful way. The scene behind Barbara reminded me of the lovely woods on my Aunt’s property, where I was able to connect to nature when my family visited there. A lovely heart memory. Thank you for your heart presentations. Thank you for the beauty and quality of your presentations. Thank you ALL for the effort, and play!, that goes into All that you do. Thank you family of E. Nice to be back with you again. Huge Heart Hugs and Blessings Always
• Bella-Marie