Hello, I’m still in shock/disbelief somewhat by the revelations made during the program. I want desperately to believe the information that was revealed, but my brain and heart haven’t quite reconciled yet. I know in my heart there is (at very least!) an element of truth there. The message gives me so much hope and I really resonated with it. I’m also still reluctant to put all of my hopes into it for fear of disappointment. Similar to when we have to “grow up” and become adults and stop believing in “childish” things. (That’s clearly an area I need to work on personally!!) I will say this. I’ve been watching more sci-fi/fantasy movies and shows recently.  There have been several moments when I’ve had my mind blown by some similarities in story lines – just small plot points, but uncannily similar to some of the information revealed during the program. (That’s one of the great things about the sci-fi/fantasy genre – you can hide things in plain sight for people who know how to look!!)  Having seen some of the Group’s message reflected in popular culture actually helped me to start reconciling my brain and my heart’s reaction. Thanks again! I’m honored to have been part of this event!