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The Virtual Light Broadcast is now a two 90 -120 minute, live monthly internet tv show from ESPAVOtv dedicated to spreading Empowerment on Planet Earth. Created and produced by Steve & Barbara Rother of for more than two decades, it reaches a global audience of Lightworkers on a massive scale, all free of charge. Watch the Good News segment with Chris Morris and Live Your Greatness with Meg Adamson and NO MORE SECRETS segment from Steve.

Streamed live on the last Saturday of every month. (generally)  The VirtualLight Broadcast is one you won’t want to miss!

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Next broadcast September 29, 2018 at 11:00am US Pacific Time

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September VLB: Barbara’s welcome includes the idea that while they might not be able to see us, they feel the presence of everyone watching and encourage us to *embrace* the many changes on planet Earth at this time instead of fearing them.  Good advice, indeed.  Steve and Em offer a wide-ranging exploration of masculine-feminine energy and issues around sexuality, especially the many cases of abuse now coming to light.  Living in spiral time means these abuses can now be cleared and healed.  We have the opportunity to celebrate the healing that can happen as humans decide what kind of world we want to live in.  Don’t be surprised that more of this will become public over time–we’ve seen less than half of it so far.

Meg Adamson invites you to Live Your Greatness by expanding on your ability to trust:  yourself, your truth, and how you feel about what you are observing.  By creating space before you respond to people and events you allow your spirit guides to come in with an assist, nurturing yourself so you can be of service and help nurture others.  Yes!  

In No More Secrets, Steve and The group detail two wars on drugs that no one won (except maybe the people running prison facilities, especially in the US);  the gigantic jury award against Monsanto regarding the use of glysophate in its weedkiller product, Roundup, recently found in food products including Cheerios and Quaker Oats;  and the two 11-year-olds who were able to hack into Florida’s election system to change voter bases and vote tallies… within 12 minutes

Chris Morris begins the Good News Report with advice about how to release what no longer serves you so you can integrate spirit more easily into your consciousness.  News items include an update on the ocean cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch;  how China is making solar panels that can generate electricity at night (yes, really);  the pizza shop in Philadelphia that came up with a novel way to share food with people who need it;  and the artist in Santa Ana who brings street people to life through his vivid portraits.  Lightmasters of the Month are the thousands of firefighters in California and Colorado who are working around the clock to contain wildfires there–plus the singing star who said thank you in his own special way.

In a final channel, Steve and Merlia remind us of all the good ways in which humanity is changing, and how we can make these new energies work most effectively in our own lives.  Here’s a hint:  allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is actually a very powerful tool that we can use to claim our power.