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The Virtual Light Broadcast is now a two 90 -120 minute, live monthly internet tv show from ESPAVOtv dedicated to spreading Empowerment on Planet Earth. Created and produced by Steve & Barbara Rother of for almost two decades, it reaches a global audience of Lightworkers on a massive scale, all free of charge.

Every month you can expect to hear the latest news and announcements from Internationally renown channel  of “the group” Steve Rother and his wife and co-presenter Barbara Rother.

With 3-4 segments each month, tune in for special news, Q & A with Steve & the group and if you’re tired of the steady diet of bad news from traditional media outlets, tune in for the Good News segment with Chris Morris and Live Your Greatness with Meg Adamson.

Streamed live on the last Saturday of every month. (generally)  The VirtualLight Broadcast is one you won’t want to miss!

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Above is the full length version of the latest broadcast. within three days you can watch the individual segments with full descriptions and downloads by click on the Past Broadcasts below.

June Virtual Light Broadcast:  Barbara begins with some easy and important ways to remain joyful with whatever may be going on in the world.  Steve and “the collective” come in with exciting news about some of the rapid changes coming on Earth, now that our beautiful blue planet has been discovered by beings elsewhere who already know how to shift dimensions with their peaceful energy and harmony.  It’s a great opportunity for unity throughout the universe–good news indeed!

Chris Morris has more good news, including the reminder that laughter gives us more energy than fear.  There is reason to celebrate the EU ban of insecticides that can get into water; the cleanup that’s continuing on the Great Plastic Garbage Patch out in the Pacific ocean; McDonald’s and others banning plastic straws; how virtual reality can help patients with severe pain (better than opiods!);  and the two remarkable Lightmasters of the month.  

No More Secrets dives into whatever happened to all the personal information from those 87 million Facebook users that was scooped up by now-bankrupt Cambridge Analytica;  following the money trail from Qatar’s initial refusal to invest in Trump family member Jared Kushner’s project at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York; the many questions around on-again, off-again tariffs between China and the US.  Following the Money helps explain a great deal about what’s happening in the world and why.

In the final channel from Steve and “the collective”:  yes, more change is ahead for the planet and on our individual path as humans.  We have the opportunity to affect hurricanes, volcanoes and seismic activity, especially over the next three years before the sun goes into Solar Maximus.  We make a difference by coming together as humans to act upon the ideas and inspirations that we will experience even more profoundly in days to come, by speaking out and stepping forward.  We don’t have to go home first to become a higher level of creative being.  Exciting!

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