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The Virtual Light Broadcast is a 90 -120 minute, live monthly internet tv show from ESPAVOtv dedicated to spreading Empowerment on Planet Earth. Created and produced by Steve & Barbara Rother of for more than two decades, it reaches a global audience of Lightworkers on a massive scale, all free of charge. Watch two live channels from the group, Live Your Greatness with Meg Adamson and the Earth Angels Segment from Barbara.

Streamed live on the last Saturday of every month (generally). The VirtualLight Broadcast is one you won’t want to miss! See the Schedule page here.

Live at 11:00am  Replays are instantaneous. Just hit refresh after the event ends.

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Next broadcast April 27, 2019 at 11:00am US Pacific Time

The current US Pacific Time is:

Below is the latest broadcast.  It will be replaced with a live streaming window 30 minutes before the next live event.

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