Who is The group?


May I introduce “the group”

When I first started channeling the group I didn’t believe it to be channeling because it was such a natural process. It was as if they were speaking to me in my own voice, yet I was aware that there were several of them. From their perspective channeling is a natural process and not mystical at all. It’s the art of listening and when you learn to listen, the information begins to gets very clear. This is a very grounded form of channeling.

One day I asked them who they were. They laughed lovingly and told me the answer to my question was three fold:

1. It’s none of my business.
2. It’s none of my business and
3. It’s none of my business.

My first reaction was fear as I thought entities not willing to identify themselves must not be of the light. Still, these messages were so wonderful that I could not stay away. I kept hearing this wonderful laughter and finally asked them why they would not answer me. They then offered me this: “We wish you to discern the messages for the love content of the messages alone. This is exercising your own power through discernment instead of determining value because of a label placed on it. Discernment is the greatest expression of the God within you for it clearly uses your power to direct your own world. We offer you this as a tool: If it pulls at your heart strings then take it as your own. If there is anything less then leave it without judgment for it was placed there for another.” Discernment is a tool they ask us to use in all areas of our lives, from who we allow in our fields to what we watch on television. To them this is so important that they embody this lesson in their own anonymity. After several months they finally agreed to let me call them simply “the group”.

They offer information for self empowerment and techniques for awakening those powers already within you. They are here to help those choosing to move into their joy and create their version of Heaven right here on Earth. They love to laugh and I provide them with lots of opportunities!

For a long time the group said little about their origins, except to say that they are a group of nine and they consider me one of them. Each one has a specific job and field of expertise and mine is translating to the human heart. In December of 1999 they told us all a bit more of who they were. This information can be found in the message The Family of Michael. The monthly messages from the group are available as the Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home. You can place yourself on a list to receive these message via e-mail.

We proudly offer you these for your own empowerment and discernment.


Steve Rother