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How many times have you sat in front of your television set clicking through dozens of program descriptions, finding nothing useful, uplifting or interesting to watch?  And how often do you spend countless hours combing through online sites or YouTube, looking for spiritual teachings and inspiration from a trusted source that might help you live the kind of life you long for, especially during these turbulent times?  

Virtual Light Broadcast - (FREE)

Virtual Light Broadcast – Free Family Gathering Each Month

The signature program of Barbara and Steve Rother’s work for the past 20-plus years, this innovative broadcast features opening and closing channels from the group, sometimes as individual members of these loving and supportive “guidance counselors” and sometimes as the collective of their wisdom.  Timely, to the point, reliable in their information and unfailingly kind and supportive to all the human angels here on earth, Steve and the group are a key part of the journey for spiritual seekers, Lightworkers and LightMasters throughout the planet. In addition to the channels, special segments include updates and news from Barbara and Steve, what the stars have to tell us RIGHT NOW with the help of astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert,  and the work of Meg Adamson as she finds thought-provoking ways each month to help you and everyone everywhere to Live Your Greatness. Filled with “Aha!” moments, plus important information only found here, Free each month, the Virtual Light Broadcast is appointment viewing for anyone who has awakened to life’s biggest questions.  Best of all, if you can’t watch live, it’s always available for viewing later!

GlobalLIght - (FREE)

GlobalLight – Free Family Gathering

This page is used for Global challenges that may arise from time to time. There is no schedule as Global Events dictate the timing. If you are on the LightList you will get a notification of these events via email. Here the group will give us their perspective of events, a live channel and bringing together the Family of E and all Lightworkers everywhere to step into action. We consistently work with the Earth in the LightMaster group each week but there are events happening now that need all of our attention. The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. If you are unable to attend live events, watch when you can, it will still have the effect. These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place.

Paid Programming

RisingLight – Premium Program

Steady.  Calm. Comforting.
Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends.
Wouldn’t it be great to have that during these turbulent times?

For more than 20 years Steve & Barbara Rother and the Group have been providing a wide variety of teachings to help those on earth expand their knowledge and spiritual well-being.

Now, given the urgency of the times, Steve and the Group are stepping up their efforts to guide, comfort and reassure humans.  To impart what you (we) all need to know right NOW. And to let you know how you can help, work more valuable than perhaps we humans can imagine.

Introducing: “RisingLight” from Espavo.org, a new subscription opportunity.  It’s a simple, straightforward format of regular channels twice a month to keep you on track, informed, and unafraid through these uncharted waters.

Your participation matters.  Your subscription, billed monthly, allows us the opportunity to expand this reassuring information to the broadest possible audience across the planet.  It’s no exaggeration to say that this work is more important now than ever.

RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription of $33.00  Your credit card will be automatically billed every 30 days, and you can opt out whenever you wish, simply by contacting us and canceling your membership.

Amidst the clamor of competing voices–some of which are deliberately fanning the flames of discord and separation–this information and guidance is being offered by Steve and the Group for the benefit of Lightworkers everywhere.

We are confident you will find this information helpful and reassuring as we invite you to join us.  As the Group says, the way we can fix anything is by holding hands and doing it together.

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