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Crossing the Veil



7 Sessions (60-75 min each)

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What happens when we die?

What’s it really like to cross the veil between the physical and spiritual world–when we die and when we’re born–especially now, when EVERYTHING on the planet has changed so dramatically?


In light of all these changes, Steve and the group are offering a powerful, updated, in-depth examination of what happens when spirits cross the veil to become humans, and what happens when we human angels decide it’s time for us to go back home.

From the group: “We will walk you through the spirit “planning session” for their next incarnation on Earth. What is important and how it works. How the spirit begins the transition from an infinite being to a finite expression. How it begins to adapt to the illusion of time/space making adjustments along the way due to the free choice aspects of Earth.“

And, regarding how we deal with losing someone we dearly love:  “That is the process that we call grief but the group does not see it as a healing process, rather a new integration of that person’s energy.”

Curious?  Want to know more?

Crossing the Veil is a special 7-day event that will explore how the veil actually works, including how the imprints we create there help determine the way our life on earth actually unfolds. It will cover how, as spirits, we start the transition from home to earth;  how (and why) our energy splits off into eleven different dimensions,  and how this process actually works as humans go through birth as well as death.

As you may remember, the original Spiritual Psychology book introduced us to the Seven Stages of life.  This new work  goes in depth on the first two and last two stages, with new material to bring our understanding to an even higher level.

While this  important material will also become a printed book at some point, this direct, fast-moving workshop  offers the chance to update and expand your awareness and understanding now.  It includes new information about what happens when a spirit steps outside the physical body and reunites all 12 dimensions–which helps explain why the entire death experience is actually one of the most beautiful and important experiences we can have.  This special event also explores the value of the grieving process;  how it works on those left behind and also helps the spirit reintegrate with home.

Are you ready to discover why the group calls those who help others make this important transition some of the greatest healers there are on planet Earth–and how you can become one of them, if you wish?

Join us for 7 sessions of 60-75 minute sessions plus 2 Q&A sessions to enhance your understanding of this profoundly important material.

The book is coming…but you don’t have to wait.

**A note to those who are Certified Transition Team Facilitators:

Some basic understanding of the death process will be covered in this material as a foundation for all the new, additional information which has never been presented before.

The world is very, very different from when we last taught a Transition Teams training. The group has spoken about planet Earth reaching a critical mass, resulting in many leaving, and has recently mentioned that Home is also now reaching a critical mass. They say this has very important implications for our connections and for our work on both sides of the veil.


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HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.

Presented LIVE online 60-75 minutes per session, immediate replays for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.


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