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  1. I’ve just been at the master healer seminar in Oostende, Belgium, and the energy and connections were off the charts! So many ‘familiar’ souls in the room, so much activation, clearing, uplifting, … I’m still so high on the energy and love I experienced with Steve, Barbara and the group as well as with the other 100-ish participants. The training and information was very useful but it feels almost secondary to just being in the energy and receiving the activations and hearing the channels. So so so much love and energy from Home.
    When I was out today just walking in the streets of Ostend so many people picked up on my energy and smiled right back. And I’m sure some recognised the energy too. I even made a young woman jump who then looked at me puzzled and then smiled. I also had a lovely wordless interaction with a young Mediterranean man who saw my brightness and recognised it I’m sure.
    I feel activated with the energy from Home like never before and have been so joyful, playful and spontaneous already. I trust in the path ahead and I understand maybe for the first time ever what is meant with opening and following the heart. Boy, my heart feels wide open and there’s no stopping me. If you’re not sure whether this seminar is really for you, do not hesitate one bit, go and bask in the love and energy from Home. The online seminars are good but nothing compares to a live event! I am also redefining grateful. I am SO grateful. Thank you thank you thank you to all spirits embodied and not who contributed to this event. WOW.