What is a Lightworker?


What is a Lightworker?

We are often asked the question of “What is a Lightworker?” There are many e-mails that ask this question as some of our seminars use the label “OverLight Series or LightMasters.” Many people write us asking what do I need to do to become a Lightworker. The answer is simple. The title of “Lightworker” can only be taken by the conscious choice of each individual. People finding their way to this site somehow instinctively resonate with the word Lightworker. No, we did not invent it, nor do we claim to own it. We simply use it because it clearly states our intent to carry Light. A Lightworker is a chosen title for anyone who chooses to spread light on planet earth.

In a recent channeling from “the group” they explained it in these writings:

The group:

“We are once again deeply honored to address this group of masters with the title of Lightworkers. This is a chosen title, and is bestowed to all those requesting to carry it. It reflects a willingness to consciously carry light to planet Earth and this attitude is the only prerequisite. As you know we are reluctant to use titles of any kind. We find humor in the fact that humans place so much importance in titles. We see that oftentimes humans accept messages of questionable integrity because of an elaborate title attached to it. We ask you to give the attention to the love content of the message and use your own discernment to all information that enters your field. This is the greatest expression of the God within each of you and will help you maintain your balance in these times. We tell you that even with this aversion to titles we are in fact honored to call ourselves Lightworkers. In place of using this title to place us on some imaginary ladder, we use it as an affirmation of our intent. We invite you all to do the same.”

We invite you to claim this title for yourself and re-member who you really are.

Steve Rother and The group