Beacons of Light, April 2021

Hi Everyone,

This notice is to inform you that there will not be a Beacons of Light this month. It’s the first time in 25 years that we were unable to get one out.

In case you missed Steve’s recent announcement, Barbara fell ill a few weeks ago, she was hospitalized for 6 days and is now home and recovering. Steve, as you can imagine, is very busy caring for the love of his life, and still running the business.

So we are asking YOU to be the BEACONS of LIGHT this month.

We are asking you to send emails to Barbara and share with her how she has inspired your life. Tell her the story of how you met, or how her presence at an online class touched your heart and inspired you to have more courage or self-love or self-care.

Whatever she means to you, we want you to share it with her.

We all know that love heals, it lifts us up and it reminds us of who we really are. Together we will create a field of love and healing that surrounds her.

Will you share your love and inspiration with Barbara and help lift her up as she heals?

We knew you would.

Please send your personal emails to Barbara here:

(Please respect Barbara’s choice of Dr.s and professionals and refrain from offering personal services or advice.)

Thank you Human Angels.

It is with deep sadness as humans that we are writing to let you know that our beloved Barbara made her transition Home on May 6, 2021, held in Steve’s arms and surrounded by her loving family. Our spirits now turn to celebrate the vibrant Welcome Home! we know she is receiving. You can read more here.

With deep love,

The Espavo Team