Beacons of Light, April 2016 | Out of the Wave ~ Stepping out of Reaction

The Beacons of Light
April 2016

~Out of the Wave~
Stepping out of Reaction

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
April 2016
Presented Live 3/26/2016


Greetings, Dear Ones,

I am the Keeper of Time and I have joined you on your timeline to share a little bit about what is coming, where you are and the beauty that we see from this side of the veil. You are in a very unusual situation; you are evolving faster than you ever thought possible. Oh yes, we understand. You watch your news and think that everything is taking steps backwards rather than forward. But it is actually the rapid movement of humanity that is causing the backlash and that is all it truly is — backlash. If you look at the last several years of your own personal life, you will see that you have evolved past things. In truth, many areas are starting to change. . This is outstanding, because now you are starting to see things from a totally different perspective. The forward movement, which has been so rapid over only a few years, has also caused a backlash and a simple balancing of the wave patterns. It is very common for humans to collectively take three steps forward and two steps back. We are telling you that it now looks like five steps forward and one step back, so please do not get discouraged about what you see in front of you. There are actually some things that you can do to anchor a new light and help the collective vibration of humanity to help form a new level of consciousness. It will be a lever higher than ever before, which will also prepare for the further evolution of humanity. You are now carrying as much as one-third more light than you were before December 12, 2012.

Love vs. Fear

This means that even the cells in your body have had to do a major adjustment to hold that light even momentarily. So you can understand why sometimes your physical body feels as if it is being taxed and drained, for it is moving at the speed of love. Dear ones, there are some beautiful things taking place. First, a new grid has formed and we are very proud of that even though it is less than a couple of hundred people. It has spread quite well in specific parts of the globe, and if nothing more it will help to balance some of these waves and return humanity to a more normal evolutionary period that is not as challenging. In the meantime, there are different sides that have taken on this area. One side hopes to move forward with love, while the other side is moving forward with fear. We are not even going to tell you that one of those is right and other is wrong, for that is up to each individual and humanity to decide.  However, we can tell you those are very clearly opposites. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. When you understand that, you can take your side. Now please understand, dear ones, it is not a battle. You have often fought against the darkness. Oh yes, we must fight against the darkness; battle between light and dark. Re-member, if you battle darkness with light, all you end up with is a bunch of gray. Dear ones, it is never a battle over darkness; that is not to be feared. When you fear anything you must go to battle, so take a look at the base fear that even causes you to think that or to relate to it when someone else says it. Now, it is much more about integrating than about turning off and trying to take sides. That is a huge evolution of humanity that you have not quite learned to discern yet, and that is what we would like to share with you today.

30 Days of Forgiveness

You are all one. It is very hard to say that at a time when you are going through these very public elections with everybody pointing fingers at everyone else, trying to point out the difficulties and challenges of each other rather than talking about what they would do if they were elected. Very challenging indeed. It is also being experienced on a more personal basis for many people, because some of you feel lost. You may feel like your energy and work is not having the profound effect that you have wanted it to. That is how we can help you today, for there is a very simple technique that works very well even in this energy. We also tell you that in the next 30 days, you will have a window of opportunity to use this and even have the forces of the universe behind you. It is called forgiveness, and it is not easy. What would it take for you to forgive those who put the bomb in Belgium recently?  What would it take for you to be in the shoes of one of those bombers? What would it take for you to suddenly find yourself in that position, suddenly doing something even if deep inside you felt it was wrong? That is what it will take to solve everything.

The Game of Light and Dark

These are the times, dear ones, where you have stepped onto a field of harmony. There is probably more harmony on planet Earth right now than there has been in some time. How can you harmonize with those who would do you ill will at every opportunity they can? That is what changes everything. When the light chases the dark or when the dark seems to chase the light, who really wins? Oh dear ones, there is never an argument. Any time light shines upon darkness, it takes over and that is why we are telling you they are not actually opposites. It is only the duality that humanity has been living in for so long that makes you carry those ideas and belief systems forward in your world. Re-member, dear ones, they do not belong here. Those types of reactions are also what provide extremist groups the opportunity to strike fear in the hearts of everyone. What they do not know, of course, is that no one can ever be controlled by fear for very long. Oh yes, it can have a very profound effect on anyone at any moment in time, but only over a very short period of time because you have a self-balancing system. That is why you are carrying so much light, and if it were to balance you were able to get out of the wave. You will have a grand life and all of humanity will start building together instead of fighting each other, the way you have been doing over so many years now.


What does that look like? It starts with compassion, which can sometimes be very difficult. Only when you learn about a person can understand what they are feeling, their belief systems and what is guiding or motivating them. Take a look. Do a little investigation and figure out what it is going to take for you to release your own anger. Should you want to get something back or right a wrong? Absolutely not. Now you return to the light chasing the dark again, stepping out of your evolution back into a field of duality. And yet, you have stepped into a field of Triality. Where the shadows can go away, the darkness cannot hold in the light; it never could. Is there ever a case where darkness overcomes light? No, dear ones, not even in your physics does that happen. All we are asking you to do is to carry a little more light, not only from your reactions with other things but also with the forgiveness.

Humanity Evolves As One

Now, what if you say, “Okay, we have forgiven all those people. We sent them love for their misdirection, at least from our perceptions. We sent them love as part of humanity, for they are also part of the human evolution.” As we have told you many times, dear ones, humanity is a bandwidth of vibration. Although you may consider this to be the highest vibration and that to be the lowest vibration, in truth they are all equal in some ways. Humanity has always moved in the entire bandwidth, not just in the higher vibrational levels.  But it will not work that way anymore.  Before it had to move together, so all of humanity has been limited in evolution by the lowest vibrational person. How quickly can they move? You are all interested in working with the lowest vibrational person, to see whatever you can do to bring them up and to help them evolve as well. What you can do though is to forgive them, because that works. It is the next step of humanity, which takes you out of the wave entirely. That gives you the opportunity to set something into motion for yourself, rather than to appease your anger. This happens on many levels, not only on an individual one but also on a collective level of a country. In fact, many of you have been controlled by that without even knowing it.

What happens when your country is attacked? One of the first things that people want to know is who is responsible. Then they want to find out why they did it and how can they get revenge or pay it back. That is duality, the old energy. As Einstein once said that it is not possible to solve a problem on the same level that it was created, so the solution is step above it. Step out of the frustration and anger, to start setting a higher goal of carrying more light. How would you love your enemies? Oh, what a mess that would be. But that is exactly what it is, because when you left Home those people might have been right next to you. You might have actually been holding hands with them as you came into planet Earth. Spirits do that often, so what would it take to find that? If you can reach a critical mass on planet Earth where enough people can do this, it will disintegrate all the energy that has been built upon. Suddenly their organization, if you can call it that, falls completely apart. It is not that it is negative and needs to be buried, simply they are human beings. Those souls and spirits are recovered and can actually be used for very positive purpose rather than just settling a wave.

A Critical Mass of 100,026

This is a perfect opportunity to step completely out of a wave to reach the higher position, so that you will be able to carry even more light than you thought you were carrying. You are carrying some beautiful things. Even the cells and microbes in your body are literally changing as we speak, to allow for all humans to carry more light. Now when you put the light in that way and it starts to build with people, sometimes there is a reaction. That is what you are now experiencing on a very large scale. You can change that by not reacting yourself, but it is very difficult to do. There are many wars that have started on planet Earth in a reaction. Do not let that happen again, because you have enough wars already. If you wish to play the game of going to war, you have enough already. Step out of it, then step back. When you reach that critical mass with just enough people, 100,026 to be precise then you can start forgiving and everything opens and changes. You reach a level of stability of growth in which you can literally find your way again, and step into a whole new reality together in harmony.

Giving the Gift of the Future by Forgiving

Does this mean that all of the religions on your planet are ever going to agree on something? No, probably not. They do not evolve much, in case you have not already noticed. Their purpose was to find guidelines that you could follow and understand, while you were pretending to be separate from each other. But you truly were not, for you carry that light from Home and every step that you take is in density. Dear ones, can you give yourself the gift of the future by forgiving? Forgiveness clears your own path of least resistance, because it allows the opportunities to step forward without becoming attached or playing the game of light and dark. Start by saving your light within yourself. Let it out and speak your truth at every opportunity. Oh, we know, some of you have great difficulty speaking your truth because you do not feel like you should be carrying that truth at times. Sometimes you wonder, “Others know more than I do, so why should I speak at all? Why do I not just listen and gather?”  Because, dear ones, you were given part of the puzzle that you agreed to carry when you left Home and came here. All those that you promised it to are waiting for you and cheering you on to take that next step. They have been helping you along the way as well. Now is the opportunity to step in and create a new reality—something entirely yours that can take you into the next millennia. Are you ready? You have done such an incredible job already of holding the light. We know that many of you do not feel that, because you judge yourselves. We see that and understand. However,  we see it and tell you about it at times because it starts a very negative cycle. You are creator beings, so every thought that you hold between your head and your heart is manifesting in front of you. The more of your heart energy that you can put into it, the faster it manifests. So, what are the most important things that have been manifesting on planet Earth? Fear. Yes, that too is a heart energy. If the opposite of love which you hold in your heart is fear, so you can see how fear also comes from the heart.

Now you have a new vision; now you have a new way of looking at things. Re-member that nothing is right or wrong, dear ones. You have come to planet Earth to be here at this exact moment so that you can be part of what is taking place. You made it, and you are here already making a difference. You are profound carriers of the light; you are the workers of the light. That is why we call you Lightworkers. You see how that works? How beautiful.

A Reunion of Light

Take a breath, dear ones, and with that breath we give you confidence. Anchor it in your being. Anchor it within the very cells and microbes of your body, for they are all part of you often pretending to be separate from the whole. It is time for a re=union of all the light and you can make a big difference as long as you do not carry that resentment.

Now, what about other forgiveness’s? Almost every human being on Earth has some anger or frustration that they have carried for many years. It is very challenging; you are the one that is affected with all of it. During this next 30 days find people, even those from your own past that you can also forgive. Let go and correct the energy with you, for there is magic ahead, dear ones. You are grander beings than you ever understood. Home is starting to awaken from the dream. You are here, touching each other, awakening each other, sharing the light, and holding it. Dare to speak your truth. If you feel you do not deserve to do that, understand that there is a way for you to speak your truth and still make room for other truths. The grand puzzle from Home that is all starting to come together.

It is a beautiful time on Earth. We know you see difficulties and understand that many of you are in personal struggles yourself, simply trying to survive. Know that this is temporary for all of you, and believe that you have the tools necessary to change everything in front of you. It starts with righting yourself and releasing the darkness to the light. Trust that you can very easily take care of every part of it.

You are magicians, every one of you. You are the grand beings from Home who pretend to be separate to  come down here and play this beautiful game. Well done! Now, consider this next 30 days as an opportunity. See how many things you can let go of and how much lighter you can become, as you forgive and give yourself the gift of the future. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect no matter who they are. Nurture one another and play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”



 Wishing you Happiness ~


I was at a store recently buying greeting cards. I am old fashion in that way. I believe it is nice to send out a letter or a card to someone I care about. When it is someone’s birthday or I feel a friend can use an uplifting message, I enjoy viewing through the cards at the store and finding just the right way to communicate how I feel. I love to buy colorful stationery and handwrite a message from my heart.  I feel this gives a personal touch.

So often all we get in the mailbox is junk mail or bills.  I like to imagine the face of the person I have sent greetings to.  If I can bring a smile to a person’s face, it makes me happy. Certainly e-mails are a faster and a great way to connect.  With so many modern technical ways to communicate the art of snail mail can be forgotten.

It seems ironic that I am giving this message through the internet.  Believe me if I could I would send all of you a heartfelt card that you hopefully would enjoy.  This is the next best way to let you know that I am thinking about all of you.  I appreciate each one of you and wish you joy each day.

I have several cards to send out today.  There are many special birthdays, happy new home cards, encouragement cards that I want to share with the many wonderful people in my life.  One card I bought because I thought the message was special.  If I could I would send it to all of you.  I will give you the message of the card from me here.

“Whatever You Do Make Sure It Makes You Happy”. The inside of the card is blank.  Usually I would fill it in with my greeting to you.  I feel this blank space is for you to fill in for yourself. Write your own message with whatever makes you happy.  That way I will feel your smile.  Know that I sign this with love and light and all my heart.

With happiness,



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  1. “When the light chases the dark or when the dark seems to chase the light, who really wins? Oh dear ones, there is never an argument. Any time light shines upon darkness, it takes over and that is why we are telling you they are not actually opposites.”

    This jumped out at me. Many years ago, I independently came to the same conclusion. It is a very simple equation.

    Some time ago, through a video, I learned about the critical mass of 100,026

  2. I Love the Keeper of Time! Thank you so much, Steve, for bringing forth this message. It’s especially wonderful to Hear in the voice of the Keeper of Time. I noticed you have the option to listen to it right on this page, but turned out to be the VLB instead of just the Beacons of Light. I know there is much transition going on so thought you might want to know.

    Much love to the entire crew,