Beacons of Light, October 2016 | Memories from Home

The Beacons of Light
October 2016

~ Memories from Home ~


Beacons of Light
October 2016
Presented Live 9/24/2016


Memories of Home

Greetings Dear Ones.  Greetings from Home.

We bring you the energy that you have lived in for so long. We bathe you in this energy from Home so that you can re-member who you are. The truth is, these beings are always around you. Yes, you reach out of yourself into the spirit world to communicate, channel, meditate, and bring the energy Home. Yet, you carry all those memories of Home deep within every cell of your body. We tell you over the next several months, things are changing on planet Earth.

Learning to Live with a New Perspective on Life

The energy is shifting and people will be able to see themselves from a new perspective. That is not always easy to view things in terms of the larger perspective and it actually requires a huge effort on planet Earth. That is what this is going to be. This next entire year will be learning to live with a new perspective on this thing called “Life.” What if you woke up in the morning, got out of bed and put on your robe or whatever you normally do in the middle of the night, then, suddenly you realized that you were in an entirely different place and life when you turned on the light? Perhaps you have this vague memory of moving into this different place a few weeks ago, but you simply cannot pull all the pieces back. How would you adjust to and adapt to this new life? What would you look for and where would you place your passion? That is the part you brought from Home, the piece you are trying to re-member as a spirit pretending to be a human. Each of you is now starting to work with this in a new way.

Let the Teachers Emerge

Because of this new energy, teachers will emerge from the ashes of everything, which is taking place right now. We hope this hits Home for all those listening, because many of are carrying messages that you never thought you would be able to bring to another human here. You have brought unique memories from Home that only you could carry. When you see another person that you can touch, reach out to, and stir with the memories of Home, bringing it that much closer to where you live every day. These are wonderful times, dear ones, for humans have new capabilities. Although you have many safeguards in place to keep you from understanding the extent of your capabilities and magic, all of that is starting to change as you are starting to view things from this higher perspective. You will see that you are god incarnate–temporarily pretending to disconnect yourself from every other being on the planet and at Home, but you are not disconnected. You are always here. We have your heart in our hands and we supported you many times, especially when you are having a difficult human experience. In doing so, we remind you of those times when you were at Home planning to come to Earth, planting these seeds, preparing to carry all the important parts that you wanted to bring.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Let the Magic Happen

You are here, you made it! And now, the openings will happen for all of you to step into that passion in whatever way you can. If it is in a large way and you end up changing your entire life, such as moving to a new city, you touch everything in some way. At least you are experiencing something different as you wake up in a different bedroom, are you not? Your lives are shifting very rapidly and you are capable of more change than you ever have been before. Many times you dig your way in to stay in what you call your comfort zone. You move into a house, a neighborhood, and new environment, then you make it your own by customizing every little thing. You paint the walls your favorite color, and decorate your space with the most beautiful things that reflect your energy and bring you comfort. However, sometimes those places that you have made very safe for yourself can also keep you from moving forward. Often it takes that extra step to move out of your comfort zone long enough to let the magic happen. That is now in front of you on planet Earth, for there will be times when each and every human on Earth can see their own magic. They can see the effect that they have on the people around them, as well as the effect that they have on other parts of Earth. Did you know that you can dissolve a cloud in the sky by thinking about it? You are not accustomed to thinking of yourselves in these ways. You have learned your laws of physics and the basic understanding of planet Earth, but there are also spiritual physics and magic is happening right now.

Playing the Game of the Spirit Instead of the Human

There is a base energy being placed on planet Earth, which will allow every human to tap into many more of their own capabilities. In the beginning when people feel this they tend to withdraw, because there is also a responsibility that comes with that opportunity, is there not? Sometimes humans pull back from any possibility of responsibility. Dear ones,  we tell you to take the responsibility to jump into it and dare to fail, because once you do that you have nothing to lose. It is then that you are playing the game of the spirit playing the game, instead of that of the human. There are so many magical places that are going to appear and all of you are going to be discovering your magic. Do you want to know the easiest way to discover your magic? Help somebody else to discover theirs. Reach out your hand, and reflect someone else’s magic back onto them. That is Home. When you are Home, dear ones, you are a part of every single person. Every stone and every leaf, everything is a part of you. So,   you feel it just the same way that a finger is part of your hand, which is a part of your arm, and in turn a part of your body. That is what we ask you to re-member and to bring to Earth: the connection of deep love and understanding of support no matter who you are or where you think you are headed.

You Are a Part of Everything

There are so many opportunities, dear ones. Yes, 2017 will be learning to view yourself and all of humanity from the higher perspective. We also tell you that it opens the doors for many of your dreams to come true, and the ability to achieve what you have always wanted to. Do it now. Release your fears long enough to step into the energy and light. We will cheer you on from this side of the veil with the most thunderous applause that you have ever heard.

There will come a time, dear ones, when you leave that physical body—when your job on Earth will be done. You gladly shed that physical bubble because it is heavy, weighty, and often hard to manage. When you release it and re-turn Home, we will celebrate you in ways that you can only imagine. That is the connection with a re-union now only for you, but for us as well. Heaven has not been the same since you left and we cannot wait to get you Home. In the meantime, we will do everything we can to give you those opportunities to create Home where you are right now.  We love you more than you know. The Earth is changing and you are as well.

It is with the greatest of honor that we watch this. We ask you to treat each other with respect of the highest magnitude. Nurture one another at every opportunity that you can and play this new game together well. You are a part of everything. Enjoy that journey.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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  1. Het is mooi, fantastisch, liefdevol om te kunnen genieten van ieder moment wat het echte leven is.
    Goede raad, Blijf in jezelf geloven, je eigen kunnen & kennen. Vertrouwen…
    Het los laten is het allerbelangrijkste punt. Positieve krachten, positieve gedachten. Zaden van liefdevolle sferen, hoe laag of hoe hoog ze mogen zijn, noodzakelijk. liefdevol te blijven.

  2. Beautiful! Sowing the seeds of Light and Hope across the galaxy and cultivating loving kindness in all relations life brings to us. Thank you blessed ones, Steve, Barbara, and the group. This path leads us surely into love, into that infinite realm of miraculous possibilities, this glorious garden we call our home.

  3. Thank you guys. Your program, Beacons of Light has helped me along my Spiritual path since 2010.
    I AM very grateful for all the information and guests you have shared with me.
    I have found Bliss along the way, so I know that there’s a Heaven on Earth.
    Lol. Much Love and Blessings.

  4. A message which touches the heart, as always.
    I just wanted to comment on what I believe is a misprint in the penultimate paragraph : “That is the connection with a reunion NOW (not?) only for you, but for us as well.”
    Thank you for sharing these messages which sustain us amidst the chaos!