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    • I guess that you are talking about the Beacons of Light. Well, it takes some time for the transcript to be prepared. The Beacons is released in English on the 17-18 of every month and then it is translated into other languages, including Greek. This is the fastest this procedure can be. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      Nick Pnevmatikos
      Webmaster and translation manager

    • Hi,
      Not sure what you’re referencing here. Can’t navigate the website or can’t find free content?
      First, we’d appreciate you giving us the benefit of the doubt and before you judge us, you just ask. We run an almost 24/7 help desk
      where anyone can ask us anything and we respond, quickly, politely and professionally.

      If you’re speaking of free content, there is the monthly VLB here: that is a 2hr free internet show that includes two channels from the group, Q & A with Steve & Barbara and additional content from other presenters.
      We also have the new GlobalLight section, completely free, with focused work with the group here: We send out an email anytime we will be doing a free livestream. We also do popup FB and youtube livestreams, they are as described, popup. Unplanned but they remain on the pages after in case people miss them live.

      We also grant scholarships to each event, there is a limited number, we have to pay our bills and survive as well, but all people have to do is ask. If we have a scholarship available for a course, we grant it.

      If you’re speaking about navigating the website, tell us where you issues are and we can help you navigate them. The access structure never changed.
      The home page is less complicated not more and hopefully each category is clear. If you need further help, we’re happy to assist you via the help desk. Just click on the ? question mark at the bottom right corner of any page and fill in a ticket.

      We didn’t cut off disabled people or anyone for that matter.