Welcome Home Lightworkers!

Steve and Barbara are five time presenters at the United Nations on two continents and as far as we are aware, they are the only people to teach a channeling class at the United Nations.

Steve’s 6 books with the group’s messages are available in 16 languages.

They are the hosts of the VirtualLight Broadcast. A three-hour internet TV show broadcast live to a global audience of dedicated lightworkers from Las Vegas each month. The show features news, updates, and guest interviews with leading teachers and leading lightworkers.

Click on the button below to watch our latest Virtual Light Broadcast event. We hope you will enjoy it and learn a little bit more about us and what we offer globally.



  1. Hello dear Steve & Barbara,
    I just wanted to thank you both for all the work that you have done and will be doing further on
    My wife, Mireille Ruelens isand has attending some courses.
    Web I follow these online messages, it’s like a summary of the things that I had to go through, it’s for me a confirmation that I’m on the right track ❣️
    I didn’t had to go to work the last 3 weeks of February. But I needed more me-time, so on Friday my boss called me to ask me if it’s ok to be technically unemployed for an indefinite period, because the lack of new projects, in January I volunteered for that if it was required, my other colleagues have children or started to dream to have…
    The Universe is tacking care of me, because I always try to follow my inner voice and my visions.
    So dear ones, Love You and…

    • Hello Jan,

      Thank you SO much for your comment. Steve and Barbara always appreciate knowing how their work has helped people. Thank you for letting us know.
      The Universe does have a way of taking care of us wen we open to it.
      Wishing you many blessings and love in return.