VLB, April 15 2014

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 1

Steve and Barbara Rother with Sandie Sedgbeer and Janelle Collard ~ Apr 2014

Introduction of guests by Sandie and Janelle

What to look forward to with the Virtual Light Broadcast

Barbara shares a letter from Turkey with a request

Judith’s Jewels: Judith shares her experience at an event concerning world currencies and government roles and how they are changing. The struggle of the old against the new.

Moments with Meg: How Griffin takes a part in the message Meg shares with us each month. Managing personal energy. More about Sam and Nala and how our pets use their energy to help us manage ours. How we can experience and work with the energy our pet is giving us and what it will do for us.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 2

Sandie interviews Tori Hartman ~ Apr 2014


  • Tori shares how she came to know her psychic ability and what led her to create her “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” and the stories behind them.
  • The part her stories played in her psychic readings
  • We don’t really change when we die and go to the other side of the veil
  • How Tori goes about obtaining what she wants
  • What happened during the process of getting her cards published
  • The difference between the new deck and the original one
  • Working with the chakras is an internal journey
  • How to use her cards. How they work for the individual.
  • About her multi-generational healing classes
  • Find your “Yes” people
  • Her theme for this year

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 3

Janelle interviews Pamela Edwards and Michael White-Ryan~ Apr 2014


  • Pamela and Michael explain Feng Shui
  • The type of Feng Shui Michael and Pamela use
  • Feng Shui is not cookie cutter
  • How your birth date is involved with Feng Shui
  • When you know yourself, the more in control you are with your path in life
  • Movement of energy within a space affects how you want to organize the room
  • What’s happening in our relationships or our health can be a result of the energy flow in and around our home.
  • The front entry way is the key. Is anything blocking it?
  • How the casinos use Feng Shui
  • Basic tips

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 4

Sandie interviews Nicolas David Ngan ~ Apr 2014

  • How Nicolas got started with Numerology
  • How our birth name is designed by our soul
  • The significance of the use of the Star of David in Numerology
  • Numerology is helpful in showing us our path so we don’t have to stumble around in the dark.
  • It can be used to understand others better
  • You can use it in parenting to give your child guidance
  • How the ego can get in the way
  • Is Numerology difficult to learn?
  • Numerology is like a manual for life
  • How Numerology helped Nicolas
  • Name optimization explained
  • Changing you name can help you achieve your chosen path and goals
  • How Nicolas chose the title for his book
  • He teaches numerology classes in England and online

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 5

Steve and Barbara with Charmaine Lee and Sonny Carl ~ Apr 2014


  • Dr Donese: Talked about ancient healing traditions – looking for alternatives. Dealing with the holistic totality in body, emotional and spirit. There is more who are awakening to many levels of connecting. Higher education is now including all levels of healing.
  • Sonny Carl: A gift from “The Friends of Humanity”. Breathe deeply, Open your awareness and receive our energy. See our true form along with your own. Close your eyes so you may see. Share in an experience without boundaries. See, Feel, and Know yourself. You must gain quiet to gain self-knowledge. See. Feel. Accept. The time has come to know the realm beyond the realm of your eyes. You can See, Feel, and Be so much more.
  • Charmaine Lee: We co-exist with energies of the crystal and indigo children. You can see the galaxies in their eyes. They are not bound by human energies. We can expand beyond any boundaries if we allow ourselves too! We learn from what they know. We are all connected to all. There is nothing greater than Love. You can change anything if you vibrate your Love. You have that power within you. We can do anything because “We say so”.

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2014 Segment 6

Beacons of Light ~ April 2014

~ Virtual Light March 2014 ~

From Steve:

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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