VLB, December 15 2011

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 1

Steve & Barbara Rother ~ Dec 2011

  • Happy Birthday Barbara!!
  • 11-11-11 recap and the 3rd wave of empowerment (harmony)
  • Next broadcast Dec. 17th
  • Awakening Zone Radio show has started. Dec. 3rd is next show
  • Dec. 6th, Medulla Pineal online course — tuning the crystals
  • New OverLight seminars
  • New segment on “Coffee and Questions”
  • We can make a difference!
  • Today’s guests


Steve & Barbara Rother


The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 2

Sandie interviews Suzy Miller ~ Dec 2011

  • What we need to understand about autism
  • Connecting and communicating with autistic children
  • How to shift parents outlook on child’s behavior
  • Autistic children reflect their environment
  • Empowered Parent Program and New Human Experience Project
  • Raising our frequency and bio resonance program
  • Teaching people to work telepathically with autistic children
  • Story about child changing molecular structure of their food
  • Radio show going on twice a month

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 3

Sandie interviews Bill Ayling along with Suzy Miller ~ Dec 2011

  • Explanation of bio resonance (energy therapy) program and how he got started with it
  • Hypersensitivity moves the child into survival mode where there’s no room for development and learning
  • De-stressing creates the room for development
  • Scalar pendant that helps to create the needed space for de-stressing
  • Parents state of being creates the environment for the child
  • Conscious parent program
  • The children are changing us!

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 4

Steve & Barbara with Pepper Lewis via Skype, Charmaine and CJ ~ Dec 2011

Pepper — Coming to us from Mt. Shasta. When are you really “Full”? Only when you are truly empty, will you know what it is like to be full. Discussed channeling ETs and how very different the energy affects her. Has event in San Diego coming up. https://pepperlewis.com for info.
CJ — 1st, Who are we? Really! Take the time to look at who you really are, so you can grow “you”. 2nd, Who do you want to be? When you choose that, you can set your goals. You need to know what you have to work with to reach where you are going. Paint-by-Number doesn’t work for individual growth.
Charmaine Lee — Touch and share! Be that human angel! Realize the joy you have created. Black Friday experience was a dimensional opening of living now with laughter. Don’t worry, BE in the moment; enjoy it! Everything else will fall away. When you are in love and joy, it affects all those around you. What you create here, now, affects all the dimensions.
Q & A: Why do we feel we need to please others to survive? Here and now, it’s all about passion. Please yourself, find your happiness.

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 5

Steve and Barbara — 2 minute readings ~ Dec 2011

  • Mara from Texas: New things opening up for you. You reach more than you realize. New openings will happen once what you are doing now is complete.
  • Anna from Las Vegas: Critical in this lifetime for you to be safe. Touching more people around you than you can ever know. 3big options coming up for you. You’re really good at quietly reflecting the light. You feel you can’t do it, but you can. Anchoring is the key, then watch it grow.
  • Gail from Wisconsin: You’ve taught for many lifetimes. You really work well with love. It was a challenge for you but you are mastering it. Gail wants to know which path to focus on. — the one with the most passion. Different paths are briefly described.
  • Benny: Scar tissue about Dad is not evident. The hard part for you is to open up and allow others to walk along with you. Early in life, had a near death type experience. You made your decision then to stay here. You have been channeling for a while now. Teach it to the rest.
  • Closing comments: We have the ability to create a new world, right now.

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2011 Segment 6

Your Reflections of Light ~ Beacons of Light  Dec 2011

From Steve

Big hug and Have a great month!


The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home December 2011


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