VLB, January 1 2014

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2014 Segment 1

Steve, Barbara, and Austin Rother ~ Jan 2014

  • News from Austin
  • What’s coming
  • Grounding in the new wave
  • Moments with Meg: Magical Story about Griffen. Meg’s new teachers. Dealing with grief. What’s happening with Griffen now. The next 48 hours. Twins! Believe in magic.
  • Happy solstice to all.
  • Life is changing.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2014 Segment 2

Steve and Barbara with Pepper Lewis ~ Jan 2014

Q & A:

  • Is it right to live with a man that doesn’t believe the same as you? Relationships: Living on different levels.
  • How do you find out how you fit into this world after everything you know is gone? Relating this to changes that are coming and how it will affect us. Moving forward into the unknown.
  • How can I move into working with the guides around me in a conscious manner? Everyone’s connection is different.

Pepper  Lewis:

  • Reflecting on a year ago, today
  • What’s happening with her Gaia channel
  • From teacher to personal experience

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2014 Segment 3

Steve and Barbara with Jim Self ~ Jan 2014

  • Jim Self:
    • Jim’s new book “What do you mean the 3rd Dimension is going away?”
    • Turning the physical body to “Light”
    • The concept of “Time”
    • A big piece of what’s about to happen
  • Steve and Barbara:
    • About comets
    • Talking about space Beings
    • No more secrets (except the “fun” ones)
    • The end of the Ison comet and magic dust
    • Change of the polar sun and what to expect
    • Now is the time for change

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2014 Segment 4

Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee  ~ Jan 2014

Sonny Carl: This is an exciting time of year. The mindset creates the magic. We make the difference. Obtaining true balance. Making a choice. Stormy times are opportunities. Accept, allow and rejoice.

Charmaine: Why Not? Be in gratitude. Enjoy the moment and capture it. How do you capture the moment? If we take care of ourselves in joy and love, we don’t have to ask if we are doing enough. Here I am. Our gift to others is ourselves. “To be” is the gift. We create what we are.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2014 Segment 5

Beacons of Light ~ January 2014

~ Virtual Light December 2013 ~

From Steve:

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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