VLB, July 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 1

Steve and Austin Rother ~ July 2012

  • Update on Barbara’s condition and healing efforts on her behalf
  • Tony Stubbs passing
  • Visit with Meg Adamson Gore about her new website, health concerns today and what we can do about it, working with animal consciousnesses, and melding the physical with the spiritual.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 2

Sandie Interviews Catherine Ann Clemett ~ July 2012

  • Catherine talks about the experiences that brought her to her  present path working with the Magdalene’s.
  • Explanation of who and what the Magdalene’s are, and what they do.
  • How Catherine came to be working with Claire.
  • How can you know if you are one of the Magdalene order.
  •  About the Magdalene Grid Activation
  • Catherine talks about how to find your Twin Flame.
  • Upcoming workshops and grid activations for Catherine

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 3

Sandie Interviews Linda Shaylor Cooper ~ July 2012

  • Linda talks about how people respond to her beliefs and information about fairies.
  • How Linda became introduced to the fairies and gnomes, and what happened next.
  • Linda has found nature spirits in minerals as well
  • How Linda got her fairy friends
  • What are fairies, gnomes and dragons
  • Linda channels some of the fairies (Pan being one of them).
  • Fairies start as sparks of light. How you can see them.
  • Evolution of the fairies
  • The suffering of the fairies and the different types of fairies
  • We can call upon fairies for help
  • More about fairies and gardens

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 4

Steve with Charmaine and CJ ~ July 2012

CJ Carl: Energies are combining on the earth right now. Stay out of fear. Open and accept. Each of us has our own path we are responsible for. Personal discernment comes from the heart. Your heart can lead you to completion. Allow others their own path, you follow yours.

Charmaine: Fear, breakdowns, meltdowns, we all go through them. Fear is now my adventure. Sit in it, expand with it, go on a ride with it. Take it and shape it. Fear feeds us, ignites us. It gives us energy to move in a different direction. Fear is there to give us a different spectrum of where we are going.
Virtual Light #5 ~ Q & A with Steve Rother ~ Jul 2012
Steve talks about scientific advances concerning the human genome. All tube toruses are nested inside other tube toruses. Changes with the Boy Scouts of America organization. Our evolving consciousness. It’s moving at an incredible rate.

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 5

Q & A and 2-minute readings with Steve ~ July 2012

Steve talks about scientific advances concerning the human genome. All tube toruses are nested inside other tube toruses. Changes with the Boy Scouts of America organization. Our evolving consciousness. It’s moving at an incredible rate.

  • Woman’s physical alignment is adjusting. Negatives are being cleared. Health issues are a part of that clearing. Beware of your own judgment.
  • Woman from British Columbia – She was a teacher in other existences, planting seeds this time. New project is  coming that she will ground with her teaching aspect.
  • Man who came into a different family than he had originally chosen. The timing of his coming here was extremely critical and that’s why he came to this family. You have an ability to work with people and give them confidence. You’ve been given a gift and again, the timing is critical.
  • Man has ability to heal with words. You can help people take huge steps in their lives.

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2012 Segment 6

Own Your Mastery ~ Beacons of Light ~ July 2012

From Steve:

Here the group gives us some clear options for the road ahead.  We have options: we can be overwhelmed by the wave of energy now building or we can ride the crest of the wave to its new destination.  Many will choose variations of the two they even remind us that one is not right and one is not wrong. They simply want us to have the knowledge to make an informed decision about our next reality. One point they made is that the journey will be easier for all if each of us owns our own mastery. We have promised to carry a special light from home and now is the time to remember to shine that light.  Each of us have special talents and things we are naturally good at. Please remember that those are your charge to carry but also the most important gift that you promised to bring to the world when you took human form.

I will also mention  here that we are beginnijng a new Channeling class soon that I am very excited about it is Spirit Comm2 The Direct Connection.

Im also very proud that this Beacons has a short message from Barbara.  See Connecting the HEart below. She is on a long road to recovery but is doing well.

Walk in the Light and have a great month!

Have a great month!

Big hugs and gentle nudges.

The Beacons of Light July 2012

~ Own Your Mastery~
Riding the Waves

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home July 2012


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