VLB, June 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 1

Steve Rother and Austin Rother ~ June 2012

  • Send energy to our beloved Barbara
  • First Vagus Nerve Activation seminar just completed. Next one will be online in June.
  • Steve’s b*tch session –( inflation and reduced quality). Let your voice be heard. Be aware what you are voting for. Becoming aware is the first step in taking your power.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 2

Janelle interviews Esperanza Universal ~ June 2012

  • Esperanza tells about seeing angels in the courtroom, her first metaphysical experience.
  • Systems of Universal Law – SOUL
  • Law of Reflection
  • How do you love yourself?
  • 4 magical steps in mastering your life.
  • We form our characters in the first 6 years of life.
  • For help in removing obstacles, go to www.soulinstitute.com/removeobstaclestv for a free download.
  • Self talk and manifestation
  • We see and experience what we focus on.
  • Esperanza allowed us share this very special offer.It is package deal.  $411.94 value for $97.00
    See the details in the link below:https://www.soulinstitute.com/insights

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 3

Steve with CJ Carl ~ June 2012

    • Big changes are coming
    • Changes we are not as aware of; are the ones that are not occurring on this planet.
    • Stay out of the fear.
    • Greater responsibility is upon those that are more aware.
    • We are all called to step forward and be as the leaders we follow. We need to be the leaders as well.
    • Know that with each step, you are not alone. There are multitudes on the other side, supporting us.
    • You cannot move forward without participation.
  • Steve talks about the Organ Donor Registry and other Good News

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 4

Steve with Charmaine Lee ~ June 2012

  • Charmaine elaborates on Hakuna Matata – no worries
  • Pay attention, be focused
  • Do we sit in the back seat of a roller coaster because we’re afraid to be the first to experience the effect? Dare to be in the front seat.
  • Step up – what does that mean?
  • Embrace the experience
  • Be a butterfly dancing in the moment
  • Let’s love, let’s live, let’s be.

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 5

Q & A and 2-minute readings with Steve ~ June 2012

    • Recap of last month’s channel
    • We need to teach our children to make good mistakes. Removes judgment.

2-minute readings:

  • Woman who experienced a phantom death wants to know why she is here and what she is supposed to do.
  • Girl from Canada says she has worked her way to the front seat of the roller coaster and wants to know what advise The Group has for her.
  • Woman from Chicago who’s gone through a recent divorce wants direction.

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2012 Segment 6

The Trialitation of Love ~ Beacons of Light ~ June 2012

From Steve:

This channel carried several intertwined messages.  At the base of this channel was the message about love.  They said that everything on Earth has to be imperfect in some way in order to exist.  They used the illustration of love as all love at Home is perfect and unconditional.  Here on Earth we mostly use conditional love as even marriage vows are a state of those conditions.  It’s not right or wrong, its simply that in a field of duality mostly conditional love will exist but as we move into triality it will turn unconditional.  Their suggestions to us was to use as much unconditional love within a relationship as you can as that will allow these relationships to grow as we do.

There was a point in this channel when the group said the room would now fill with beings.  A couple of minutes later the main entrance door to the room suddenly blew open as everyone in the room gasped.  I had to hold back an internal laugh when the group muttered “we told you they were coming.”  These were the beings that stepped aside so we could be here on Earth right now.  They were here to encourage us and cheer us on and to fill us with the love from home.    The love in that room was the a beautiful expression of total, unconditional love.  Feel it now, carry it with you and pass it on with every smile.  Know that you are never alone and dearly loved.

Have a great month!

Big hugs and gentle nudges.

The Beacons of Light June 2012

~ The Trialitation of Love ~

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home June 2012


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