VLB, November 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 1

Steve and Austin Rother ~ Happy Halloween ~ Nov 2012

  • “The Wave”
  • New developments with 12-12-12 event
  • About drumming meditations
  • Upcoming trip to Holland
  • Fun with Ilra
  • Conscious Creator series
  • Spiritcom3 with Steve and Austin
  • Meg – on perception (and chocolate)
  • Today’s interviews and update on Sandie


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 2

Janelle Collard interviews Dave Markowitz ~ Nov 2012

  • About Dave’s book Self-Care for the Self-Aware
  • How he helps empathic people deal with negative energies using the heart chakra
  • Ways you can tell if you are empathic
  • Challenges of being empathic
  • Empathic healers

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 3

Janelle interviews Lee Harris ~ Nov 2012

  • How and when Lee started channeling and knew he was an intuitive
  • What he experiences when doing a reading session
  • The power of women (how the men fit in)
  • About sleep and dreaming
  • Family healing
  • Abundance and feeling grateful
  • Surrender ‘control’ and watch what happens

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 4

Janelle interviews Joseph Ghabi ~ Nov 2012

  • How Joseph came into numerology from an international sales position
  • Numerology blueprints
  • His book helps you find your soul purpose
  • Our birthdates determine our purpose here
  • Are you just interested or committed?
  • For every name you use, you have different strengths and weaknesses
  • Many names, much confusion
  • Use only one name and get rid of the confusion
  • Your name is part of your power
  • Psychosomatic numerology
  • Everything you learn in your childhood shows you your purpose

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 5

Steve with Charmaine Lee and CJ Carl ~ Nov 2012

CJ Carl: It should be Halloween every day! We wear costumes to have fun and pretend to be someone we aren’t. Be someone that helps others enjoy their life more. Your choices are the creative energy of life. Make a choice. Choose to enjoy life. Choose to add to your life what makes you happy.

Charmaine Lee: We are here to be the best we can be. We’re here to “Be here NOW”. Create what we want by being in motion. Every time there is change, you create a new you…when you claim and decide clearly you are already “all there is”.

Steve: Story about his deep cut and laser therapy. Get yourself a red laser today!

The VirtualLight Broadcast November 2012 Segment 6

~ Beacons of Light – Title~ Nov 2012


From Steve:

I had no idea what was coming but the Keeper of Time took over the message from the group in this months Beacons of Light. He wanted to plant some important seeds from the area of his expertise regarding Time. Circular Time and the Time Imprint were two important concepts he covered is this heart warming message from Home, What Elrah brings us in rhythm the Keeper of Time brings us in style,

Have a great month !

The Beacons of Light November 2012

~Your Time Imprint within Circular Time~

Footprints in the snow

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home November 2012


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