VLB, November 2017


The VirtualLight Broadcast
November 2017 
Segment 1

In the November Virtual Light Broadcast:  Merlia says the magic has begun and is well in motion, with No More Secrets becoming obvious as new headlines every day demonstrate how and why masculine/feminine energies need to–and will–begin to balance in the workplace. The casting couch is leaving!–and it’s happening up and down the ladder in a multitude of ways.  The challenge for feminine energy now is for humans to step up and find harmony even with those we disagree with, so that new energy can help balance the scales.

Chris Morris has Good News to report from around the world, from California’s banning puppy farms to Sweden’s finding ingenious new ways to heat homes, along with an astonishing name change for a Mississippi elementary school from Jefferson Davis to Barack Obama, and a Lightmaster of the Month salute to the simple conversations inside Buckingham Palace that can ignite change around challenging issues, just by being there for one another.

In segment 3, Amor’s story continues with how he learned to plant the seeds of harmony even while among a group that held itself separate from others.

Barbara, Steve and The group field questions in Segment 4 on how to grab the thoughts and images that help grow your heart and let go of those that don’t;  how a busy mother can help her three extremely active rainbow children manage their progress from 3D to 5D;  how the loss of a loved one at 18 can finally be healed in order to manifest a new love relationship later in life; and how Lightworkers can overcome any confusion that comes with reading different and sometimes conflicting sources of information.

Finally, Barbara points the way to choosing a life of joy every day, and in the last channel from Steve and The group, “five words in time” arrive,  to plant the seeds for humanity’s move past chaos and fear into harmony and peace.

The VirtualLight Broadcast Live three hour monthly internet broadcast on Lightworker TV. The broadcast is in six segments, hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother of  www.Espavo.org and includes the interviews from Sandra Sedgbeer with the top people in the spiritual arena.
Steve & Barbara Rother

Steve & Barbara Rother catch us up on current events including the events in Belgium and Sedona. The first Channel from Merlia talks about the rise in feminine power of planet Earth. What to watch for and how we can support the balance of feminine power on Earth.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
November 2017 Segment 2

Chris brings us the good news for the month. Reports on the Earth Summit in Sedona and much more. She also awards the Lightmaster of the month to Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry for the outstanding philanthropic work they are doing.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
November 2017 Segment 3

The Keeper of Time channels this months Story of Amor a young boy growing up the days of Lemuria. This month Amor travels to many places in Mu and finds a colony of separatists with strange beliefs.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
November 2017 
Segment 4

Welcome to the two-minute segment of the private reading portion of our show.
Steve and Barbara answer questions sent in to the group about our changing world.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
November 2017 
Segment 5

In the final channel of this spiritcast the Scientist of the Heart tells us how we travel in time and that many of us are here from the future to plant seeds for rapid human evolution.

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