VLB, September 15 2013

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 1

Steve and Barbara with Janelle Collard ~ Sept 2013

  • New entity has emerged. “Em” has arrived and will be part of the channel
  • Current seminar on Magic is coming to end
  • Janelle introduced today’s speakers: Tracie Austin and Kahu Fred Sterling
  • Broadcast will start a segment for people to share their process
  • Correction on Pippa Merivale’s web site www.metatronic-life.com
  • Light Master course is changing
  • More segments live for Evolution Center
  • “World is on verge of war” and Lightworker will work on energetic level
  • Pyramidal grid has lifted. Earth is no longer protected but we’re ready for it
  • Judith came in through Skype. Update on the “The Oracle” circle


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 2

Janelle interviews Tracie Austin ~ Sept 2013

  • Tracie’s new book is “Alien Encounters in the Western United States”
  • 1987 was her first UFO sighting
  • Book is about nine people who had encounters
  • UFO sighting changed the course of her life
  • Aliens are looking for people who have characterizes that will help them with their projects – i.e. hybrid reproduction
  • Discussion of typical encounters, signs of abduction, and alien races
  • Sightings are going up.

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 3

Janelle interviews Kahu Fred Sterling ~ Sept 2013

  • Discussed early job as car salesman and how he was introduced to channeling
  • Doesn’t remember what he has channeled after the event
  • His new book is “Signature Cell Healing”
  • Discussed how he received the title of Kahu
  • Channel about how things can get better, and healing story of Barbara

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 4

Steve and Barbara  ~ Sept 2013

    • Steve tells his and Barbara’s side of Kahu Fred’s healing story of when Barbara was ill
    • Donese Worden – via Skype – to give update on her discoveries related to health

Discussion of water filtering, she recommends www.phprescriptions .com

  • Focus on Lightworker Family success stories
  • Video of Sandie interviewing Thelma Petas who has developed “Starshine Kids” dolls (now at Toys r Us)
  • David Solinger via Skype. He is an attorney whose spirituality has caused him to rethink his life, path, and soul purpose

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 5

Steve and Barbara with Charmaine Lee ~ Sept 2013

  • Discussion of a Wellness Event for a Cause Charmaine Lee sponsored
  • Charmaine Lee:  Moving energy. Defined acronym for NAKED: Now Accessing Kinesthetic Energy Deliberately!
  • Meg’s video: Are you allowing as much of your fullness of being as possible?

The VirtualLight Broadcast September 2013 Segment 6

September 2013

~ Virtual Light August 2013 ~

From Steve:


Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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