Beacons of Light, August 2019

The Beacons of Light
Re-minders from Home

Beacons of Light August 2019
Presented Live 07/27/2019

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

~ Tensions ~

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Greetings dear ones,

I am Merlia and I join you this day to intersect your lives with magic. Dear ones, magic is not limited to planet Earth. You are spirits first and humans second, so your history goes far beyond your limited game on planet Earth. And there are exciting changes on the horizon for you in the next year. But will you see these changes as successful? Humans measure success in many ways: financial wealth; career; social status; where or how you live; political or religious affiliations; sexual preference, and so forth.

In Between the Breath

Let us show you the larger picture of the collective human heart. Humans are in a state of incredible tension. It has been this way for some time and, of course, you feel it. That tension acts as a breath, for it intensifies then relaxes, only to intensify again. During these times of change, dear ones, you have opportunities to look at your surroundings from a different perspective. However, that’s often very challenging for humans. Why? Because when you finally find a truth that resonates, quite often you don’t realize that truth is an evolution. Instead, you may try to hold it as a stationary object. But when this happens the truth eventually dissipates, so you move on to find a new truth.

Yes, it’s a very fascinating situation. Your reality is created in every single moment, not only by your own thoughts but also by the collective’s. So, let us share a little something about what is happening with the collective, because we believe that you’ll see all of this on planet Earth right now. You are experiencing so much separation. Quite literally, your planet and the game on planet Earth could be defined as separation. We know, we say that to you all the time. You are pretending to be separate from each other when in reality you’re all connected because you’re spirits. We’ve told you before, dear ones, you are God. That’s hard to take because you have an ego, which makes it very difficult to bring all of that through. If you look at it as the collective it’s true, but here’s the interesting piece. During this incredible compression you’ve been experiencing for the last several years, you’re seeing things change. Your enemies are now becoming your friends; in reality, up is down. You’ve lost trust with one another, but now everything is shifting. If you’re thinking that we are talking about a person, religion, or political ideal, then you are not seeing the larger picture.

The most important part of all this is the collective heart of humans, which is starting to show itself. You’re starting to see this in different ways now. You’ll notice the cosmic winks and we ask you to pay attention to them, because they’re everywhere. If you just look for them, you will find them. On the final day of pride month in New York City, a beautiful rainbow magically appeared over the city. What a magical cosmic wink! They felt invigorated and in love with everything at that moment. Imagine their surprise, when they discover that the love they shared actually created the rainbow.

Emerging Heart

The most important part here is that during these incredibly tense times, change really will be possible soon. You may be wondering if that change will be a good change. That, of course depends on your perspective. Once change is in motion, the human heart emerges. That is what we watch for from this side of the veil, for it is the heart of humanity that will trigger evolution.

One’s natural reaction may be to look around, take an inventory and ask, “What is everybody thinking? What is everybody feeling?” Of course, there’s no way that you can reach a consensus because you’re all incredibly divided along so many lines. There’s really no one place to look and see where the collective vibration of humanity is at that moment. But given that, here’s the beautiful part. You have a survival instinct that is innate in the physical part of your being. That survival instinct puts you first every single time, which is natural. And that will kick in if the tension becomes too dense.

Tension Increases

A short time ago we spoke of huge amounts of cosmic radiation falling upon Earth, which has greatly added to the tension. As people then go into survival mode, the tension gives an illusion of separation. That is then followed by frustration, which in turn leads to anger. This is happening on a global basis and that is adding to the compression of energy that you’re feeling.

In the United Kingdom there is still Brexit. They are struggling with these ideas about whether to harmonize or to separate? Please know that this it is not actually about an exit or remaining in the European Union. Here’s what we ask you all to observe during these tense times: are you making decisions out of love, or out of fear? This will be happening consistently, because it’s being propagated. So, what we’re going to ask you to do is this: open your heart and you will realize that every single person on Earth is really just doing the best they can. These are tense, challenging times, and you are all feeling the energy of that in some way. Dear ones, I have been observing the rise of feminine empowerment. That is even what called me in as a singular entity. Please know that all of humanity is moving at the incredible speed of love. Be patient with the angry and the confused. It’s very powerful, a little scary, and often rather difficult to slow down and navigate those turns when you’re moving so quickly. Whenever possible, just give them a wide berth.

But here’s the most important piece. What we really want to ignite within all of you here today is this: the heart of humanity is truly good. When you get past all of the fear, you’ll find that there’s so much love on planet Earth that it’ll start showing. Yes, even in your enemies or those you think are doing wrong on planet Earth. And even those who you are fighting against, because you have opportunities now to connect in a whole different way.

The Esayoto

You have a new level of existence that’s waiting for you. The Esayoto is a true 5th dimensional space, and it is literally at your command. You have so much happening simultaneously right now that it helps to have a place to balance. Most humans don’t understand that they have actually won the game for it’s difficult to see, especially when traveling at this speed. Take a step back when you can and refresh, for you will be needed. Re-member, dear ones, all you need to do is acknowledge someone’s bright eyes.

“Oh, you have a beautiful smile! Wow, what you just said really touched my heart.” When you hear something like that, it grounds your heart. Then when you acknowledge that, it spreads quickly. You have no idea how connected all of you are. You are creating a new reality on planet Earth, dear ones, so please do not measure this in your typical ways. Because if you do, you’ll think that you have failed miserably. That is simply not true. There are other levels that are taking place here, as if to distract you in some way. Be patient, for the human heart will emerge soon. Re-member, it happens in waves.

Make the space for the feminine to rise and ground, which is incredibly important at this time. Yes, it is rising. It’s here, and you’re all working with it. It’s working because the feminine energy is not about exclusion or force, it’s about harmony. Whether you’re masculine or feminine in physical form really makes no difference. This is the age of the softer, gentler energy, even though when you turn on your television, you witness the opposite. Just look for the good, dear ones. Just look at what happened in New York City and what the human heart is wanting to do, because soon it will finally have a chance.

Fall In Love

You complete the larger circle when you hold hands. The time is now. You’re here, welcome home. Fall in love, dear ones. Fall in love with yourself, fall in love with people, and fall in love with Earth. It’s time to reignite that beautiful human heart, so we’re asking you to assume that responsibility now. It is with the greatest of joy that I greet you at these incredible moments on your evolving planet. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together dear ones. It is a game. Your game is in motion and changing all the time. The important thing is to have a good time and to fall in love.

I am Merlia.

Come up and see me sometime!


~Connecting the Heart~

By Barbara Rother

From Judgment to Compassion

It is so easy to judge other people for the way they are or the way they believe. We might presume that our way is the best and only way. In my teen years and young adulthood I may have been guilty of this way of thinking. Maturity and knowledge come with age. When you are growing up you are trying to figure out who you are and at times feel insecure with that. That insecurity and self-doubt can make us have strange thoughts. We may condemn others as you feel the need to feel good about yourself.  I feel comfortable and accepting of myself and of those around me now that I have grown to become a person who tries to practice compassion instead of judgment.

The first step on my spiritual path was and continues to be staying out of judgment. This is a human flaw that naturally seems to filter into our existence unless we are aware and use the tools to release this negativity.

We all deserve the support of those around us. This is important especially when we are children in our formative years of self-discovery.  I had a happy childhood for the most part. As with every family we had our problems but I felt loved.  I was bullied by some classmates for being tall and skinny. I felt judged at such an early age. Judgment is taking someone’s power away if that person lets them. Fortunately I did have the support of friends and teachers and my parents who helped me discover the beginning of who I could become. I went on with my discovery of self-worth throughout my teens and early adulthood and will develop that the rest of my life.

In my thirty’s I discovered a book titled “What you think of me is none of my Business “by Terry Cole Whittiker. The book had a lot of truth just even in the title. I learned what I thought about myself was the most important to me. It all begins with self-love and respect. We all have days where our self-esteem can hit a low spot but it is important to return to the realization of our true value.

Have you ever stopped to examine how you feel when you slip into the flaw of judgment? What we do not realize is that judgment, criticism, and prejudice in any form opens the door to sadness, pain and grief in our lives. When you dedicate your heart to the world of support and acceptance your world can grow from the knowledge of what others have to offer even if their thoughts are different from your views. Individuals have differing versions of believes. We can agree to disagree but at the same time respect their views as they should with yours.

I have the belief that you cannot judge a person if you have not walked in their shoes. This means we never know what a person is going through with their lives. Everybody has something they are working through at times.

Unconditional love, support, keeping out of judgment is how we can be the brightest light we can be as we reach out to one another. The most important word is compassion. This is how we can connect our hearts together. Accepting others as they are brings a wonderful freedom to our own mind.

With love and light,



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  1. Hi Steve,Don’t know if you remember me, although I’ve continued to follow you over the intervening years. I first met you when you did a single workshop in Keene, NH so long ago you didn’t even have Barbara with you for that event and then I went on to attend several more when Nancy began offering them in Massachusetts (can’t remember the town).

    Your comments about Roundup in the June Predictions really caught my attention because I am now the National Educator for a company conducting multiple clinical tests on the gut microbiome. I’ve been an anti-glyphosate activist for many years and was part of the inspiration behind my company’s Chief Science Officer deciding to conduct a clinical study on the effect of glyphosate and Roundup on the gut microbiome of a 3yo child. It’s complete and will be published likely before the end of this year. 

    If you’d like to know more about the results, let me know. They’re pretty eye-popping, but it’s a bit lengthy to leave here on a Comments form.

    BTW, I want you to know that you and The Group are still major influences on me going right back to what I experienced in that very first workshop with you in Keene. Thank you for stepping into your power…

  2. Its about RE-SPECT ,
    To give the whole spectrum of light back.
    The people need others who instead of judgemend give them back the true collors that we all have insigt.
    Show it in the hart mirror,
    Bless you all, dear one,s

  3. “Have you ever stopped to examine how you feel when you slip into the flaw of judgment? What we do not realize is that judgment, criticism, and prejudice in any form opens the door to sadness, pain and grief in our lives.” This is so true!! Thank you for this, Barbara. It’s what I needed to read as I try so hard not to judge people and situations. It’s helped me understand why I’m still sad and grieving – I’m still holding on to judgement.

    Thank you for the loving lesson, and for all you, Steve and the Group do to educate and uplift us