Beacons of Light, August 2014 | No More Right or Wrong

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
August 2014

~ No More Right or Wrong ~

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
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Beacons of Light
August 2014
Presented Live 07/26/2014


Greetings, dear ones.  I am the Keeper of Time.

Grasping at Old Straws

You are at a critical junction of time and space on planet Earth. You have moved very clearly from one dimension to the next going through interdimensional realities as you do, and now you are grasping at the old straws. That is actually very normal for the advancement of humanity—at least in the ways that you have done this previously. We wish to speak of this today and share with you what is going on in your world. Yes, we have already shared with you that much energy is being picked up from the planet; the tectonic plates are moving in such a way that there is considerable stress and strain on the planet herself. Previously, in lower existences of lower vibration, this was not a problem. Quite simply, before you did not feel it the way you are all feeling it now.  You are all starting to feel this connection on a very, very deep level and many are overreacting out of desperation. It feels as if you do not grasp this right now, you are going to lose the opportunity. Dear ones, we say you—we mean the large you—there are those who call yourselves Lightworkers, for you are the masters of the light. Yes, you are the ones that have chosen to be here right now to make a huge difference on this planet. So we will share some of the very simple ideas and tools that you can use to help all of humanity make this step to this next level, where you can anchor your whole energy very firmly and plainly.

Action and Reaction

All you need to do, dear ones, is look at us and see what it looks like from our side of the veil.  Unless we are talking about humanity we do not use the words right or wrong, good or bad, nor love or fear. The reality is that those do not exist and as you have moved into this higher vibration. You have desperately grasped at the energy of these old ideas to try and feel comfortable, especially feeling the energy from Mother Earth herself. Many who have felt downtrodden, or as if they have not had a voice, grasp and step back into the evolution to try to find some form of familiarity and comfort there. Then, dear ones, there are you who have looked at both sides. We challenge you all to now do that. When you can look at something through our eyes, you see non-judgment. Judgment does not work because there is no right nor wrong. There is only an action and a reaction, which is what is playing out on Earth over and over again. However, it has come to such a heightened state that you all can find an answer for this. What does it take? Does it take a cease fire, a renegotiation, or your governments getting involved? All of those things are possible, dear ones, but each of you can make a difference in your own heart with the energy you carry right now. This is why many of you came and it is the next evolutionary step of humanity. Actually, it is an opportunity for the light to be shining in areas that have been dark for eons, for much longer than you think. Yes, much of this is playing out from times past. Many of your grand wars on planet Earth are simply repeats of other things that you have experienced in your own history and this is no exception. However, it is actually leading you into a problem area and now is the time for all of you to reach out and act.

Practice Compassion

How do you do it? Well, dear ones, you have a nerve that comes down out of the sides of your neck and weaves through five of your seven chakras. It is called the Vagus nerve and it can be exercised. Why would you do that? Well, this is actually the nerve that leads to longevity on planet Earth, so if you exercise this one it will benefit every single person. How do you exercise the vagus nerve? It’s very simple…you practice compassion. The vagus nerve is part of you; it’s part of your own physical makeup that allows you to see compassion on your planet. When you see something going on that looks like a horrible situation, the first thing you all do is point fingers. You try to figure out which side you are on, what took place and who is to blame. What if all of you took a little piece of that blame, the responsibility to see things differently, and to perhaps even see the energies that led up to it? None of you are wrong; none of you are right. You are all experiencing the blend of humanity.

See another Being as Part of You

You are at a critical mass. There are simply no two ways about it, dear ones. Humanity has evolved so rapidly during the last four and a half years and it has been incredible. As you went through the portal of the 12-12-12 and reinstated all of your energies on planet Earth, you decided to step into the new age of humanity. During this Age of Empowerment you have reached these levels. All of a sudden you cannot go any further until you resolve some of the very simple problems at the heart of the differences that have played out on your planet, over and over and over again. Are these the times of Atlantis and Lemuria? Yes, dear ones, but it goes back even further than that and even further than most of you could understand. You had to pretend to be separate in order to play this game of being a human, which gave you duality or opposites. When you look at another being you see them as separate from you instead of part of you, and that needs to change. It is the part that all of you can shift. You know, many of you have even grown up with religions preaching that good people are going to heaven while bad people are going to hell. We hate to disappoint you, dear ones, but there is no hell and there never was. It was a human invention around the 17th century to use guilt against many of you to help control you in some way.

Dismissing the Bias

That also illustrates the separation which is no longer here. The reality is that there is no separation, for all of you will leave together or none of you go. That is your choice and it is now in front of all of you. Well, dear ones, how do you do that? Do you simply turn off your televisions so you do not see the news or have to deal with it? Well, denial is part of it. However, the reality is that all of you need to know what is going on, on the planet. The challenge is if you believe everything that you see on your televisions. What would it take to watch many different channels and have many different opportunities to see what people are feeling? Can you dismiss their taintedness? Can you dismiss the generational hate which has been passed down over and over again as a father yells to his son, “Look what they did to us! Look what they did!” The son sets his goals and when he grows up he will get revenge. This plays out over and over, and over again. Many of the masters have spoken, “Love thine enemies.” This is the time to do so and now it comes down to the reality of each of you. Because there is no right or wrong, no black or white, no up or down, and there is no love or fear. It is all part of the same energy.

Can you see yourself in the eyes of others?

Very clearly, dear ones, you have entered into the Third Wave of Empowerment. The First Wave was quite simply, learning to stand, be there, and follow the leader. Your Second Wave of Empowerment was learning to follow yourself. You have all learned how to find your own paths, yet many times fighting over the differences on planet Earth. The Third Wave of Empowerment is much more difficult than either of the first two, because it is harmony. How does one find harmony? Seeing yourselves in the eyes of others  is the key. Now what does that mean for each of you? You may be saying, “I am just one person. I am not a is the one making these deals and trying to create peace on the planet.” But you are. The reality is that each of you adds to the collective vibration of humanity in a way that has never before been seen on planet Earth. It is actually this collective vibration which determines the outcome and the direction of the new humanity on the new planet Earth in the Age of Empowerment. Each of you have a responsibility to open your hearts and try and see as many sides of an issue as you can. Yes, you are going to see suffering and wrongful doings. You are going to become angry about them,  which will continue as long as humanity plays this out. We tell you, dear ones, this takes place repeatedly to actually create that feeling in people. Many times an anger toward a group or race of people  or a geographical location will continue generation after generation.

The Call of the E-Family

Dear ones, there is just you. Can you create the heart of one or see yourself in everyone’s eyes, even those who would take out a weapon and use it against you? Can you experience their fear as your problem, by holding it in your heart and expressing it openly with friends of yours? These are the things that will change planet Earth and you are at a critical mass right now. You cannot move any further until these things are resolved, but what does that mean? Are you all going to step off and move to the next level together? No, dear ones. It is a typical wave pattern that we have spoken of several times before. Often it is three steps forward, but two steps back. Sometimes you become very discouraged because it is three steps forward and three steps back. However, all of you have the responsibility to move forward in this one direction. You have chosen to be on Earth at this moment for this very reason; it is why you came. Now it is time to awaken from the dream,  take the power of your heart, and learn to love everyone as yourself. This is the beauty of a walking master on planet Earth and the E-Family is all around, for many of you have been here at very critical times before. Elrah knows you well, as does the Keeper of Time, eM and all of what you call the group. The reality is that we cheer you on, dear ones, because you stepped forward at these critical moments of resistance on your planet to make a difference. You made your voice be heard, carrying a vibration that doesn’t make sense but holds the key to love on planet Earth. These are the times of the new energies of the new planet Earth; each and every one of you holds a piece of this. You have brought a separate ray of light, so dare to lose your fears and your attachment to darkness. Dare to let go of your ideas of separation and  believing that only the good ones will evolve. All of you go together, so you are working with the lowest vibration of each to make the largest difference on your planet.

There is no right or wrong. There is only you.

How do you dissolve generational hatred and act as one? The first thing you do is understand it. It is not simply saying a few words  or apologizing to have them release it. Instead it sill be about getting to know one another. Not your best side or what you want to show them, but who you are in this together.. The Age of Empowerment is right in front of all of you, but it is going to take each and every one of you to reach this critical mass. These are the times of the new planet Earth. These are the times of the new human awakening from the dream. Dear ones, there is no right, there is no wrong. There is only you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we help you re-member yourselves at these critical mass times on your planet. You are awakening from a beautiful dream of playing a game. Do so with love in your heart and reach out to all the rest playing the game.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, no matter who you are. Nurture one another at every opportunity. This is the greatest advancement of humanity and step into this beautiful new game that all of you are playing and play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”



 By Barbara Rother

I remember growing up looking forward to the relaxing days of summer.  School ended and there were three whole months to simply play.  The feeling of not having a care in the world was part of my childhood.  I would enjoy vacations every once in a while with my family, going camping, exploring nature.  But mainly my days were spent waking up when I felt like it, playing with my friends, reading a good book, swimming, doing whatever I felt like doing.  I remember hours I would spend daydreaming while laying on my grassy yard as I looked aimlessly up to the sky creating visions with the clouds.  My girlfriends and I would spin in circles and fall down dizzy with laughter. We would have slumber parties were we did everything but sleep but instead giggle the night away with silliness.  Those summer months revived my childhood spirit. They balanced who I was and who I was to became the upcoming years.  These were innocent years. They were truly lazy days of summer.

Each year I grew older more responsibilities would come into my life.  I began to be aware of the world around me.  It wasn’t just about my own little world any more.  I became busy with my surroundings.  Teen years were still happy-go-lucky but summers were spent working and saving for my future.  Plans were being made of what I was going create in my life.  I somehow became less carefree but happy at the same time as I discovered who I was.  I always found time to have fun, being a typical teenager.  I have always tried to be spontaneous but I knew I had become more accountable for my actions.

As I moved into adulthood I experienced marriage, children, a career, a home of my own, new hobbies and activities. All of this has brought tremendous joy into my life but sometimes I had the feeling I did not have a minute for myself.  At the same time I treasure the business of a fulfilling life.  I do know it is important to take a moment to just be.  When I allow myself the opportunity to have light hearted fun in some way I feel a renewed sense of that carefree child that is deep inside me.

Today my life is exceeding my greatest hopes that I have ever wished for.  I am busy with life but I have found a balance. But still at times I reminisce about those lazy days of childhood summer.  In fact, I think I will end now and take a swim and lie down and look at the clouds because it is still the lazy days of summer when I make time for it.
With love and light,




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