Beacons of Light, September 2013 | Does the Rhythm of Your Heart Match the Rhythm of Your Name?

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
September 2013

~ Does the Rhythm of Your Heart Match the Rhythm of Your Name? ~

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month.


Beacons of Light
September 2013
Presented Live 08/31/2013


Greetings from Home.

Reflecting Each Others Heart. Introducing eM

I am Elrah of rhythmic service and I just have to tell you that introduction was beautiful.   I am not going to give you the whole lesson today. I am going to turn it over to, eM. He is actually going to be talking about a subject which is my responsibility, my area of expertise. I know you are all waiting to talk to him, so I have no problem letting him come forward to bring the message in today. I am telling you this for different reasons because all of you out there have your little egos. All of you have to carry your sense of self and your own personal message. But I will tell you, when you see it reflected in the world around you and you hear other people saying what you were thinking, now you know you are in the right place because that is what happens at Home. You see, it does not make any difference whether I give you the message or the Time Keeper comes and gives you a beautifully elegant message, or whether eM comes in and just gets you laughing a little bit. We do not care because it is still the same message. It is your heart, not ours. It is not us in any way, it is about you. So I hope you enjoy this beautiful part but I cannot go anywhere, until I give you one of my smiles. Okay, there you go. Got you every single time, do I not? Good.

I want to tell you a little about it first because it is kind of interesting. You see, you have all of your perceptions of each other on the planet and all of you look at each other and say, “You are different than me. You are taller. You are shorter, you are prettier, you are uglier….” Whatever it is you define each other with you see yourselves as separate in so many different ways, which has gone so far as to polarize your countries. You are so polarized now that when one person says this and another says that, you are going to have a hard time getting anything done because you are just balancing things back and forth. In a very short time, you will have a smooth energy and you are going to have opportunities to come together like we do here at Home. We do not care which one comes forward. We do not care who is listening, who is talking, or what the channel calls himself or herself. Now all of you are starting to listen in a new way and that is bringing out the channels in all of you; your own inspiration and spirit within your body is turning just beautifully. So, I will tell you this is part of the new energy and every one of you can start carrying more of your own spirit intentionally as conscious creators on this planet. We hope you have as much fun as we have here at Home, because we are laughing all the time up here watching all the fun things you humans get into. It will not be long before you can turn around and laugh at us. It is okay, you can do it, we can take it; it is no problem. Just know that it is a beautiful game and we hope you are having fun with it.

You Are Becoming a Balanced Human

Espavo everyone.

Greetings, I am eM. I am so happy to be here these days for there is so much going on and I tell you that the Keeper is having a bit of a problem with my energy in particular. He is trying to find the rhythm for it. He says, “No, it sounds too much like the Keeper of Time.” So he is having all kinds of problems trying to figure out where I am, and part of the problem is the polarity with which you see everything. It is not wrong; it is how you were raised on planet Earth. You have been in a very polarized situation, living in a field of duality. Well, you see things as black and white and up and down, and right and wrong and all the rest of it. Now you are starting to see everything in a totally different perspective, for you are starting to see the possibilities. Now you have it for you are the creators and you create through your choices. Very simple, very easy to understand when you look back at your life, but looking forward it is different entirely and very challenging to see.  Now the polarity that the Keeper has been having trouble with, with me, is that I am balanced. I am not male or female. In fact, he is having difficulties even with the words. There are no words for that so he is having challenges and, of course, all the teachers are coming forward to give him the words. It is a new stretch for him, a new area not to describe a balanced human being in extreme polarities. All of you are turning in this direction and there is so much happening here. Feminine energy is coming back to planet Earth. You have all known it is coming, for you have seen the swing into the masculine energy and the masculine dominance for years on planet Earth. You have all had a grand time with it. Well, some of you anyway. Of course, some of you have been the victims, too. You have all played your games but now it is time for the change, is it not?

Now here is the situation. The balance is coming but you have never balanced before. You have gone through the balance to the other extreme and every time you have done it in the same way: you moved. Oh, you do not remember the times that the feminines were in charge on Earth. We can tell you that you do not remember it, but they messed it up just as badly as the men have have messed it up so do not worry about it. Just know that it has always been this balance back and forth. We are going to stop you in the middle, give you an opportunity to breathe and experience what balance feels like. This is the field of triality you have moved into, away from duality. It is almost as if there is almost a new part of yourself which you are trying to learn about and you are wondering, “How do I use this in my daily life? How can I gain balance through?” Well, there are some new parts coming and I will share a couple of these with you this day. It is becoming easier for the Keeper to carry my energy; he has done it now four or five times so he is getting to be an expert he thinks. Do we have some surprises for him though, for he is only able to carry so much feminine energy in this very male body of his and he has his belief systems which still get in the way once in a while so we will fix that, do not worry.

Balancing the Male and Female Energies Within Each of You

We are going to talk about your vibration in the world. We have always spoken about it and actually, this is Elrah’s territory; this is his work. He is here showing you the different ways to work with vibration and how you already do. Each of you has a signature vibration very deep within you. It is actually associated with signature sound which we have spoken of earlier so there are many connections here that you will see in different areas. The signature vibration is your own vibration, t is your vibration the way you decided to carry it on Earth in this physical body. Some of you carry a very male, forceful energy and others of you carry a very feminine energy; you play back and forth and you decide to express yourselves in different ways. Well, that is what has changed. The field is now open for you to balance in polarity where the feminine energy can come back in.  Male energy has been more forceful than the feminine creative or  allowing energies, all of which are a part of each of you. Over many lifetimes you have developed a habit of coming in as one or the other, and many of you have perfected even your preferences in how you like to play the game of planet Earth. Most of you have come in as a male or female many times because you feel comfortable with it. The Keeper feels very comfortable in a male body but feels very uncomfortable with feminine energy; he had choice in his preferences at the beginning of this incarnation. Now that the energies have changed, all of you can start balancing and already have. The challenge comes from your belief systems, those parts of you from way back that say, “Oh, I must be this way,” or “Oh, I must act that way.” This happened not too long ago to the Keeper and the Keeper’s Keeper. They were in Amsterdam in the gay section of the Red Light District and Barbara said, “I must tie my shoe. Can you hold my purse for a moment?” All of a sudden she is over somewhere and the Keeper is standing there, holding her purse and realized he felt very uncomfortable with what he was doing. They all had a good laugh about it and went on, but it brought up just the uncomfortableness of the perception of sexuality. These are the areas that will block you first from finding your balance. All of you have the capabilities and you are moving in those directions that are so beautiful to watch, to see you all striving for perfection. That is what you are. You had to take on imperfections to be here. The planet Earth is an imperfect place. You must hide your imperfections while you are here and you strive toward perfection. It is so beautiful. You are so incredible.

A New Sensitivity to Vibration
Your Name: The Reflection of YOU in the Universe

You have no idea what you are capable of, but you are now about to find out. I will tell you about the other area which is Elrah’s territory, vibration. All of you are sensitive to vibration in a new way although you have not yet discovered it. What you have found is your uncomfortableness with what you have already built. Many of you have built lifestyles, homes, workplaces, careers, and relationships and suddenly many of you feel very dissatisfied, very uncomfortable with where you are and needing to change, but having no clue as to which way or what to do. We will give you some very simple ideas right now and Elrah will come back and continue this work and perfect a little more. But what we are telling you is that many times you are affected by your own voice and the word that repeats most often and goes straight to your heart is your own name. How did you get that name? Most of you were over your mother or father’s shoulder when they were picking out names, shouting your name to try to get through to them. Then they would say, “What about this name? This name sounds—but I like this actor so I will name my child after a movie star.” Many people end up with all kinds of different rhythms and names that do not fit them. Why do they not fit?  It’s very simple, it’s a rhythm. You can change your name slightly by adding an extra letter to the end or in the middle. You can even take something away to change the rhythm patterns of your own name. Your name is the reflection of you in the universe and your belief. When you hear that name, it is you. Make sure it is something that you love and if not, start creating your universe by changing what you are called. There is no problem; it is done all the time on planet Earth. Now we are telling you that your name precedes you and you are becoming incredibly sensitive to vibration that is reflected against the universe and back to you. You can now see it in new ways.

Music and Rhythm: The Newest Way of Learning

Now there is an interesting thing that the Keeper has been saying and I hate to do this, but after several years I must correct him slightly. Now he is freaking out but he will calm down in a minute. He says, “What do you mean correct me?” Simply, he has been telling people there has been an unusual part of your brain that deals with music. I am telling you this for several reasons, because you have all used it in different ways even if you do not consider yourself musical. It is these rhythms that are at the base of all of what you call music. It is actually a rhythm pattern. Take all of the pieces that you have been given, that you have had to learn through your rote memory and language centers. Then take all those parts that you could not learn that way and the things that you learned when you were a child through music such as the alphabet Many of you learned songs that you repeat as children because they reside in a different part of your brain. What we are telling you is there is no musical part of your brain. That is the correction of what the Keeper has been saying that there is a musical part of your brain that you can develop and use. The entire right hemisphere of your brain deals with music; there is a section just above the ear and another section over there that deals with music in particular. Although many of you have come in with the highly developed musical portion of your brain, very few of you are using it for music. It is not necessarily about music, it is about rhythm. Those of you who have learned something such as the alphabet using music, can recall the letters of the alphabet without singing it? That is easy but I would be willing to bet that most of you cannot do it if you remove the tune. You still have to go: A, B, C…stop. D, E, F, G…H, I, J, K – L, M, N, O, P…it is a rhythm for you. That is what you have based your knowledge upon and that will be the newest way to learn, because it does not require you to make new grooves and to constantly reinforce the left part of your brain. You can live spontaneously in the right part of your brain.

Does the Rhythm of Your Name Make You Smile?

Now the right part of your brain we have always equated with heaven and the left part of your brain we have always equated with Earth. The right part of the brain sees everything—possibilities, opportunities, energy flow and all the rest of the things we deal with here at Home. You are trying to label everything. “It cannot be real for me until I can put it in a box with a label on it.” That is what the left part of the brain does, but the music portions are particularly the rhythms and that is why we are asking you to first consider your own name, a huge part of your own reflection. What is the rhythm of your name and does it match you? That is the biggest question for you will start by adjusting small things to make your path through the world easier, or simply make it the path of least resistance. That is where the magic lies, in all the parts where you can see from the higher perspective that you have never been able to spot before. It is a new world. You are all a part of it in a very beautiful way and I will be here to help you reflect that in more ways than you can imagine. Start by what you are called. What do they call you? What are you called by? How is that? And how can you change it to where when you hear your name, you smile?

The Family of E

There are many of you who are from the Family of E. I will simply say that is the family vibration that we carry in what the Keeper calls the group. We do not use that word, the group. We do not use any words to describe ourselves; it is a rhythm and it is a very beautiful part of us that can be available to all of you only through your own heart. It is not about us teaching you anything; it is about helping you to re-member what you already know. You have taken so much of it and put it aside so that you could play this game of pretending to be a human and pretending to be imperfect. You are doing quite well and can now take the next step. It is very well done. Your perfection is starting to come back together in many beautiful ways and these are the next steps toward humanity.

In the Beginning, There Was a Laugh

All of you have a responsibility for everyone else on Earth. You are all connected; you are all part of each other and you cannot separate this finger from that finger even if the fingers do not know each other, can you? Well, this is who you are, and you are starting to recognize that and strengthen the connection which connects all of you in the most beautiful ways. I share one thing with you…a laugh…for that is one of the greatest vibrations that exists throughout the universe. In the beginning, there was a sound and it was a laugh. It created everything and it was the most beautiful expression of light on planet Earth. I will bring you many messages, dear ones, but Elrah stepped aside so that I could come in and bring you this one and so that you could be accustomed to my rhythms. A little bit of my energy is expressed quite differently, for I am trying to carry as much of the balance of the male/female through this body as I can. Not easy, not easy. We will work on it but in the meantime, know that I love you. You have so much importance here. You have no idea what you are already doing and with such grace. Keep up the incredible work and know that we will be here with ideas, concepts and tools for you to use in your new empowered role. You are becoming conscious creators, walking every step of the way with full consciousness of your spirit. It is the most beautiful thing we have seen on this side of the veil…ever. Thank you for that.

It is with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and do not forget to play well together but before I leave, I think I must leave you with a little laugh.      tee hee.


The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


Law of Attraction and Life Lesson


Here I thought I was going along life full of spiritual confidence and pretty proud of myself of how far I have come on my path.  Then, before I realized it, I was heading in a direction that led me to make some big steps backwards.  

We all know the golden rule of Law of Attraction-what you put out in life is what you bring into your life.  That is how I understand it.  Recently I was reminded of that.  My life lesson of definition definitely intertwined with my experience of this law.

My main life lesson that tests me once in a while is definition.  This is having weak boundaries and taking on everyone else’s energy as your own. I, like many of you, are ultra-sensitive to everyone. I learned early on how to work on mastering this situation.  When Steve and I were presenting a seminar back in the early days of our work I was doing a meditation.  I put myself in the middle of a large circle of Lightworkers attending our event.  I led them through a meditation of releasing negative energy and sending it all into the middle of the circle then I led them to the positive energy that they wished to create in their life.  Being weak with my boundaries at that time I, without knowing it, took all the negativity that was being released and took it on myself.  I remember feeling dizzy; I had a bad headache and felt sick to my stomach.  Everyone raved about the experience which gave me great joy, feeling I had helped someone.  I later told Steve that I didn’t think I could do this work because how I reacted to it all.  Steve said I needed not to take on other people’s problems as my own but to have an open ear to listen and an open heart to help.  It is so important to be centered and strong in your own life.  Only then can we be of service to help others. 

This is when I came up with the protective bubble.  It is an invisible line between me and others.  I can feel people and they can feel me but it gives us just enough space to remain in our own energy but still be able to reach out to each other.  I also send a protective bubble to my loved ones when we hug goodbye.  It is a way for me to release my attachment to them and feel that they are safe. This gives me piece of mind.

I probably am not alone in what I have been feeling lately.  I call it being in a “funk”. This is when nothing is really wrong with life but that you just feel a little off. It is like not being in your happy spot.  It took Steve and me getting away for a little romantic rev-up retreat for our 41st wedding anniversary to snap me out of this and understand why I was in this strange space. 
Steve and I had such a beautiful few days celebrating our relationship.  He is my best friend who helps me understand myself through his eyes.  He helped me realize that somehow I weakened my definition lines and started taking on the emotions of the world.  Usually I hear a sad story on the news or know of someone going through a bad situation and I am empathic and try to help or send loving thoughts their way, but for the last month for some reason I have allowed myself to become emotional attached to all emotions around me and have been feeling drained, like a gray cloud hovering over my heart.   This  negativity attracted negativity into my life.  Sounds complicated but it is as simple as the Law of Attraction. 

I still felt this way the day that Steve and I were leaving for our anniversary trip.  I was so happy about our getaway I wondered why I was still not my positive self?  Steve was not in the best mood either for some reason that morning (I think because some computer was giving him trouble and it was a challenge for him to leave Lightworker for three days.  I am so proud of him.  He did not even take his lap top on the trip.  He was just focused on the two of us and soon returned to his happy self. I took on his temporary bad mood but unlike him, with me it lingered on.

We flew into Santa Barbara, CA.  Steve went to pick up the rental car.  The car rental person was helping the people in front of him in line.  He asked him if they would like to upgrade to a Mercedes convertible.  Steve heard that and hoped that they would turn down the offer because he wanted to surprise me with that.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in California.  It broke my heart when I saw this couple happily drive off with “my convertible”.  I tried to regain my center and silently wished them a good vacation. But still my heart sank a little.  We laughed it off and began our journey to Solvang, a lovely Danish community that I have long wanted to visit.  We got lost but enjoyed our time together driving up the coastline.  I was happy that Steve had regained his usual good mood and I was really trying but still felt negative.

We arrived at this quant village full of shops, restaurants and windmills.  The place we stayed at was a charming ivy covered, Bed and Breakfast hotel.  My spirit seemed to be lifting up when the owner showed us our room.  It was bright and airy, filled with antiques and had a balcony.   The room number was number nine.  We thought how appropriate since we got married on 9/9/72.  We went down to get our luggage from the car when the owner stopped us with bad news.  She said she had made a mistake and that room number 9 had been reserved by someone else and that we were in another room.  My heart sank as we were shown the nice, but smaller room without all the extras.  We decided to make the best of it and headed out to look at the shops only to find out they were all closed by this time.

We took the opportunity, after a nice dinner, to go back to our room to enjoy each other’s company and talk.  Steve helped me explore my thoughts of why I had been in this space.  He helped me realize that all that I was feeling was my love and concern for family, friends and the people with depressed situations of the world.  I had an understanding now that I had stepped back from all I have learned on my human, spiritual growth.  Once I had identified that this was not my problem but what I was feeling for everyone else, I regrouped and became centered again.

With this adjustment of attitude my spirits began to return to the positive space I usually experience.  The next morning I woke up in Steve’s loving arms, feeling the fresh cool breeze blowing through the open window.  The birds were singing, welcoming me to a new wonderful day.  It felt good to be back to being me.  I missed myself with the attitude of loving life.  With this positive feeling I watched the day unfolding in a miraculous way.  Steve and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast outside the hotels flower filled patio , explored the town, and met such friendly people.  We found an antique shop and bought a music box as a souvenir to remember our special time.  We wanted to go to a local concert/show that was being presented that evening.  As we were at the box office checking out the availability of seats, someone offered us two tickets at half cost which included live entertainment and dinner before the actual show started. The event was a fund raiser and she had extra tickets. Everything we did that day flowed in the most delightful way.  I knew I was attracting the positive because of my readapted attitude.  Steve and I shared a laugh when I found the book “Law of Attraction” by Ester Hicks- Abraham in the local book store.  What a cosmic wink!

Maybe I needed to take this special time away with Steve to regain my perspective on life.  I will still feel others pain but by being in a centered space I am more capable of helping others by helping myself first.

On the flight home coming into Las Vegas it was raining.  I felt sad to leave the sunshine we had had the last few days.  But then I saw the most beautiful, full rainbow outside the planes window.  It reminded me of the saying “No rain no rainbows”.  It is okay to go through a dark cloud once in a while as long as we return to the light of joy.   I am grateful for this reminder of my life lesson. What I create is within me. I am ready to step forward again.

With Love and Light,



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